10 Weird Things Narcissists Do Sexually

Have you ever had a weird sexual encounter with someone narcissistic but arguably it was also one of the best sexual encounters of your life? How weird is that? This article is all about knowing a few Weird Things Narcissists Do Sexually.

Sexual behavior or sexual prowess is often a complex and dismal area of human psychology and is perceived differently by all. Have you ever had a good sexual experience only to feel ignored by your partner? A partner who finishes up, pulls away, or rolls over to the other side only to brag about how great they were, and how their partner should be lucky enough to have had such a great experience in bed with them.

This is how a narcissist is conditioned. Their psychology regarding intimacy and coitus is completely different than others. Narcissists are self-absorbed beings, who make you feel unimportant and worthless at any given point of time, even while in bed. A narcissist may objectify their partner as if they are just using them to gain pleasure, stroke their ego, and ignore their partner’s needs completely.

You may not be able to figure this out soon, but if you are facing all such experiences then you are sleeping with a narcissist, there is nothing adverse about it, but may lead to disappointment if you are looking for a relationship, where you have a caring, understanding and supportive partner.

Narcissists and their Approach to Physical Intimacy in a Relationship

Most Narcissists have high sex drives and thus love physical intimacy.

Narcissists are controlling and thus they form superficial relationships as they need power. Thus their relationships cannot be easygoing. Their traits and tendencies make their bonds and relationships complicated. And complicated relationships are always shallow and surface-level.

Sex with Narcissists may not be out of love or genuine affection, but it is a mere portrayal to assert control, influence, and hold power against their partners. They do not form intimate relationships based on genuine feelings, but they simply get into a physical relationship just to gain something.

People who suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder tend to have higher sex drives and thus they would engage positively in love-making sessions with one or more partners.

Narcissists love a sensational, hot, and sensuous session in bed, be it with their partner or be it with multiple partners as they are thrill seekers, who would happily and joyfully agree to get into a physical relationship with you. They also love the idea of friends with benefits.

They might frequently involve themselves in such sexual activities yet it would not satisfy their hunger for seeking pleasure. They are mean and selfish thus they do not care about what others would feel and just seek out things, people, activities, etc., that give them pleasure. In most relationships, they fail to form meaningful bonds with anyone.

Ultimately such sexual experiences may leave a narcissist’s bed partner either craving for more, being ignored, hardly being satisfied, or anywhere in between with a strange feeling as a narcissist might do some weird things while getting physical with their partner. Let us know why their partners might feel so and what weird things does a narcissist might do sexually.

10 Weird Things Narcissists Do Sexually

Narcissists have altogether different approaches towards sex. They may not get involved sexually with someone out of love or affection but only to fulfill their own needs and to feel powerful, influential, and seek pleasure.

Narcissists love a sensational, hot, and sensuous session in bed, be it with their partner or be it with multiple partners as they are thrill seekers, who would happily and joyfully agree to get into a physical relationship with you. They may never really consider their partner’s feelings and how their behavior might make their partner feel.

Such behavior leads a narcissist to have tendencies that may be weird and uncanny for their partners. Their partners might wonder and would be left questioning what a narcissist actually wants in bed. Thus with context to this question, let us know a few weird things Narcissists do Sexually.

1. Narcissists gaslight their sexual partners

Gaslighting is a manipulative tactic used by narcissists to make their partners feel that their thoughts and perceptions are incorrect and that they might be losing their sanity.

Even in bed, a narcissist might sexually gaslight their partners to maintain power and control.

They might suggest such sexual activity that may be uncomfortable for their partners, they may express such sexual fantasies that may sound wild and intolerable for their partners.

So when their partners express their concern, the narcissist might gaslight them by saying, “You may be bed incompetent, as everyone else finds it charming and does it.” or “You are just overthinking things, these things are common.”

A narcissist might brainwash their partners to do something that might make them uncomfortable, and then when their partner objects to it, the narcissist might immediately pin it as their idea claiming them to be perverted.

Narcissists have a tendency to gaslight their partners during sex just to make their partners feel inadequate, and inferior to them and destroy their self-esteem.

2. They lack Empathy

Having a narcissistic partner has the biggest downside of them not understanding you, your feelings, and your needs. A narcissistic partner’s sexual desires, and fantasies, might always outweigh your efforts and expectations.

If you wish for a certain change, or express your needs and feelings in bed, then they might dismiss your feelings by saying, “I was unaware that you might be so flinty.”

To them, your satisfaction, sexual needs, and desires do not matter, and they might always be taking you for granted in bed due to a lack of empathy for others. Their conduct may also make you feel like you might be a pushover.

Your conduct and your request might be overheard or ignored. They may deny listening to you at all in bed. Thus a lack of empathy may make you feel like you are being used, ignored, left unheard, unseen, and abandoned emotionally. Thus the experience of physical intimacy might be unsatisfying for their partners and might also damage their well-being.

3. They boast about their sexual conquests

A narcissist may never shy away from discussing their sexual experiences with people who are closely connected with them either to boast about their sexual prowess or sometimes even to make the other person seem inferior and deficient.

They might openly and proudly discuss the number of partners they have slept with and boast about their sexual gallantry. Yes! you might have guessed it right that they might have slept with multiple partners overseeing all the traits.

Narcissists cannot be trusted entirely with their claims as most of their desires are fantasies that may or not be truthful.

4. They objectify their partners

This point is more prevalent for female narcissists, as they only seek their own pleasure ignoring what their partners want. During their intimate moments, female narcissist may objectify their partners as a mere source of pleasure.

They may also use flattery just to boost their own ego to feel empowered and desirable. By controlling the dynamics of the bedroom the female narcissist tries to establish or reinforce her power over her partner, making them feel like an object.

The objectification of their partners may extend beyond the walls of the bedroom as they may treat their partners as trophy wives or trophy husbands in public to attract attention and show off their desirable partners.

5. Narcissists believe that they are entitled to sex

The feeling of entitlement also extends to the bedroom for a narcissist. They feel that they are entitled to sex all the time every time they desire. Their partners might even feel uncomfortable and weird many times as the narcissist can demand sex at some awkward time and situation.

If you wish to have a relationship beyond physical intimacy at a deeper emotional level, then that seems quite impossible for the narcissist as they like to have shallow relations that only include transactional gains like sex, favors, and other such benefits.

A narcissist may demand physical intimacy as they feel entitled to it even without considering their partner’s emotional and mental state. They might even break their partner’s boundaries for their pleasure.

6. They manipulate their partners through physical intimacy

Narcissists might persuade or coerce their partners into sex despite their willingness to do so. They can do anything to fulfill their desires, despite the hesitancy of their partners.

Some narcissist might even Guilt trip their partners if they deny getting involved in some sexual activity. For narcissists, sex is a tool of manipulation that they use to dominate, control, and retain their power.

Sex with Narcissists may not be out of love or genuine affection, but it is a mere portrayal to assert control, influence, and hold power against their partners. They do not form intimate relationships based on genuine feelings, but they simply get into a physical relationship just to gain something.

7. They have grandiose fantasies

Sex with a narcissist may feel weird or outlandish due to their grandiose fantasies. These fantasies serve the narcissist’s purpose as they boost their ego with these fantasies.

They believe that grandiose sexual fantasies may provide the relationship a unique edge, that may ultimately provide their narcissistic supply by asserting control and power.

They may get disappointed or can even gaslight their partners when their partners refuse to fulfill their extravagant desires and fantasies.

8. They seek admiration through physical intimacy

An intimate moment may lose its tenderness when your narcissistic partner just wants attention and praise for their performance in bed. They only want to know how great they were in bed and only communicate that with you. They may never have deep conversations with their partners, but only talk about how insatiable they were in bed.

They may detour all conversations towards hoarding compliments and seek reassurance and validation at every possible chance they get.

They may often ask questions like, “Did you notice my flexible body that is just perfect?” or “Wasn’t this the best experience of your lifetime?” or “Have you ever been so satisfied like this before?”

9. They can become abusive when they don’t get what they want

When you refuse or deny the narcissist what they want or desire, then they might make your life difficult for a while until you give in and agree to their sexual terms, desires, fantasies, or wishes.

After all this, if you still deny what they want, they might be furious, and spiteful. They may also take revenge, become violent, or cause physical harm. You may face their rage and the worst part is that you are not left with many potions as they might behave so until you lean in and just agree to what they wish.

They need constant control and when their partners deny them any form of sexual pleasure or any form of physical intimacy, they might incorporate emotions like hatred and also be abusive.

10. Do Narcissists Like to Cuddle and Be Touched? – The answer is unlikable!

This may differ from person to person. Some narcissists may view forms of physical intimacy as a way to lure their partners or sometimes even cheat. While some narcissists may not even resort to any physical intimacy.

But in most cases it is common that all types of narcissists may resort to forms of physical intimacy like cuddling when they have wronged their partners and they fear that their partners might leave them. Thus out of fear, they might choose to get intimate with their partners as a form of their apology.

They might actually believe that physical intimacy can solve everything, but here they might be wrong. They might not even negotiate or discuss them being unreasonable but instead would try to solve everything either through sex or any form of physical intimacy.

Thus most of the time the physical intimacy may be out of desire, fear, or just a manipulative tactic rather than being a source to strengthen and deepen the bond. There is often no sort of emotional connection involved when a narcissist gets physical with you in many cases.

Narcissists are shallow thus they might never understand the importance of cuddling and touching in a sexual experience. They do not know much about making deeper emotional bonds and nurturing their relationships. Their love, affection, and attraction are surface-level tactics just to make their relationship go as they thrive upon the narcissistic supply that they mostly obtain from their partners.

Final Thoughts

Narcissistic behavior may seem weird and strange to their partner, especially when it connects sexual pleasure and narcissism. But if you as their partner find it uncomfortable you can easily draw boundaries and not get into things that might be uncomfortable for you.

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