Signs Of A Female Narcissist – 10 Red Flags To Identify From

How to spot walking red flags while dealing with women, especially narcissistic females? Here are some signs of a female narcissist. Female Narcissists are experts at masking their traits and characteristics. But there are always some clues that make the identification easy and disclose the true faces of such women.

Understanding the Female Narcissist

Narcissism is a mental health disorder that affects both men and women on an equal basis. It is always believed that mostly men are narcissistic, but the truth is men and women are equally affected, it is just that female narcissists are not discussed as widely as males, and this is the sole reason why female narcissists are not focused and highlighted more often.

Although narcissism is more prevalent among males, female narcissists are not debated over. This article is about one such trait of the female narcissist, which is lying extensively and accusing their victims.

Female narcissists share almost all characteristics and traits with their male counterparts, but the point that makes them distinguished is that they may exhibit these traits or characteristics in a different way based on gender roles, societal norms, and expectations.

Some prominent traits that make the female narcissist distinguished are that,

Female narcissists have excessive self-absorption and are embarrassed of their physical appearance.

They tend to use their sexuality and sensuality to seduce their victims.

They are equally charming as a male narcissist, but they may be a little more appealing.

They use their allure and desirability to gain attention from others, especially their victims.

Female narcissists are bossy and love to control everything around them.

They might not think twice before exploiting others including their partners, children, other family members, colleagues, and even their own mothers.

They always have a sense of entitlement and expect special treatment. For instance, if you are dating a female narcissist, they might always expect their partner to surprise them, give exclusive and high-end gifts, pay bills, drive them, pamper them, be a puppet, and never question a single intention.

Female narcissists often have fragile self-esteem and may be highly sensitive and reactive to criticism. They may exude a high amount of confidence on the outside but may hurt easily due to low self or fragile self-esteem.

Signs Of A Female Narcissist – 10 Red Flags To Identify From

Let us discuss some detailed and elaborated signs of a female narcissist further,

She craves attention and praise

Narcissists usually crave attention and often expect to be praised by others. When it comes to a female narcissist, she would prefer to surround herself with people who admire her and also boost her ego. If she feels she is not getting the required attention, she might create drama or chaos just to draw attention.

She might pass satirical comments, make a scene, or just draw attention by doing something loud. If nothing works for her, she might also make an appeal through her seductiveness. Female narcissists would resort to anyway when it comes to hogging attention.

Seeming Insecure, Reserved, or Shy

Narcissistic Females are likely to display the traits of covert narcissism, which may vary from the signs of a stereotypical narcissist. Covert narcissism is more related to traits like shyness, insecurity, and solitude.

They may not seem loud, grandiose, arrogant, or entitled yet their narcissistic traits may reckon them as someone who is narcissistic. A female narcissist may display low self-esteem, insecurities, and low self-respect thus indicating their inclination towards covert narcissism.

Playing the Victim Card

Playing the Victim is being helpless to prove oneself innocent and female narcissists resort to using this tactic for being submissive and get things done as per their desire. They tend to lure in victims by playing the victim card.

Playing the victim is a common tactic used by narcissists to get away from accepting responsibility for some mistakes. It is a manipulative tactic usually applied by narcissists, especially female narcissists to pin on others for what they have been doing. This is often due to societal expectations and fulfilling gender roles.

Being a “Mean Girl” or being a “Bully”

Narcissistic women may not have the physical aggression and a rageous demeanor but they may be the biggest bullies you may ever come across. If you are a student, you might have that one badass girl in the class who might be bullying other students just to get the notes taken, whereas in college to complete assignments, or in the workplace to hog all the credit of the group project without doing much.

Such females can be tagged as narcissists, yet not all females who display such qualities may be narcissistic. Not having physical aggression may even make the female narcissist more lethal as they can be gaslighting, giving cold shoulders, gossiping, hogging credits for someone else’s work, doing anything to get ahead in life, and bullying others just to get their way.

Narcissistic abuse comes in many forms and means, and these are abuse techniques often incorporated by the female narcissist.

Being Sensitive and Reactive

Narcissists lack emotions, but that differs for female narcissists. Female narcissists tend to be more emotional, making them more sensitive and overreactive than their male counterparts.

All narcissists avert criticism and get eccentric when someone offends them. While this may differ for female narcissists. They may be extra sensitive and reactive to criticism and may be hurt more when this happens. They may also get upset which may be unsettling for others as they get extra fierce when something or someone offends them and their conduct.

Using Sex Appeal to Brainwash their victims

Women with Narcissistic Personality Disorder are more likely to lure their victims by making sex appeals or using their physical attractiveness. Narcissistic women may often have sugar daddies, just because of their attractiveness. They may be brainwashing their victims.

According to a few studies, it has been found that female narcissists purposefully dress provocatively and wear revealing attires with tonnes of makeup. They make them irresistible and most charming to lure attention.

Those female narcissists may also engage in sexual narcissism, as they may be exploiting others for financial gains by seducing them. They may get involved in such parasitic relationships, that can provide for them without doing much just because of their sexual appeals and the benefits that they provide intimately.

Female Narcissists tend to be exploitative

Narcissists often exploit others to have personal gains. Thus they may reach out to people who can fulfill their interests by acting and doing as per the narcissist’s wishes and desires. Both men and women have different ways of exploiting others.

Narcissistic males may imply force, physical aggression or intimidate their victims, while female narcissists may not resort to anything related to physical aggression. They may manipulate your emotions and may have passive-aggressive ways to fulfill their wishes.

They may be addicted to Social Media

Narcissists are peculiar for being self-absorbed to the extent of just doing and incorporating ways that may simply just benefit them and solely them. They may never give a thought to how others may feel and suffer because of them and thus they always act the way they wish.

But males and females exhibit this in different manners. A narcissistic male may often resort to public attention to get praise and meet their needs. Narcissistic Males may also indulge themselves in the world of social media to hog attention but not as dominantly as narcissistic females.

Female narcissists may resort to social media and be obsessed with getting attention from people virtually. They may have an obsession with increasing their followers who may take an interest in their lives.

In some extreme cases, female narcissists immerse themselves so much into the virtual world of social media that they may have difficulty living in the real world where they feel ordinary and average.

Having an unstable life

The degree of narcissism defines the severity or the effectiveness of narcissism in a person’s life. A narcissistic person may find it difficult to function aptly in their regular life.

When referring to female narcissists, the display or portrayal of narcissistic traits depends upon the degree of narcissism. The severity of narcissism may affect their personal and professional lives making it difficult to function smoothly every day.

They may struggle to maintain successful relationships, sustain their jobs, manage finances efficiently, and also ruin their lives with substance abuse as nothing may be falling in place due to their abusive and toxic conduct. They may also not have lasting romantic relationships or friendships for that matter.

Not all females who struggle to maintain a stable life may be narcissistic.

Dependency or Neediness

Female narcissists may be codependent and display to be needy. They may need tonnes of validation, praise, care, reassurance, and adoration from their partner, friends, and family. This urge emerges due to a lack of self-esteem and underlying insecurities which may overpower her thoughts and conduct.

When she is not validated enough, she may be upset, jealous, and have emotional tantrums which may lead to rage outbursts.

How to Deal with a Narcissistic Woman?

Dealing with a Narcissistic woman is difficult, stressful, and challenging. If you have a narcissistic woman in your life, there are a few methods you can utilize to deal with and cope with them to protect your mental health from the toxic and abusive atmosphere,

  • Limiting your interactions with the female narcissist to avoid getting targeted by them.
  • Avoid being fooled by their tactics of gaslighting, love-bombing, etc.
  • Keep your calm while dealing with a female narcissist.
  • Do not get into a competitive argument with her.
  • Try to find solutions that are win-win solutions, for both you and her.
  • Avoid criticizing her, threatening her, and challenging her.
  • Give her the required attention, adoration, and validation.
  • Learn her patterns of abuse and be aware of them.

Final Thoughts

Passive Aggression, sensitivity to criticism, having shallow relationships, being self-absorbed, and manipulating others are a few common signs of a female narcissist. Once you acknowledge yourself and are able to witness the red flags in the form of signs, you may be able to spot a Narcissistic woman, and also be able to take precautions, maintain a distance from her, and save yourself from the abuse and toxicity that might come your way.

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