Narcissism and Sexless Marriage – How To Deal?

Narcissism and Sexless Marriage, are these terms intertwined? This topic scours through the emotional, psychological, and physical aspects of narcissism, narcissistic personality traits, and the absence of physical intimacy or sex in the relationship involving the narcissistic person. Let us know further through the article.

According to mental health experts, Couples who are physically, emotionally, and psychologically intimate tend to have a stronger bond than couples who lack intimacy within their relationship. When a relationship lacks sexual intimacy, then the couple may have to face certain issues that can make their bond shaky. A lack of sexual intimacy may create a disconnect causing stress for one, or both partners.

Now many questions may arise for the readers, Will sexual intimacy contribute to a happy marriage? or Is it one important aspect to keep the marriage going?

Does Sexual Intimacy contribute to a happy marriage?

There are varying answers to this question as it is debatable depending upon the taste of individuals. Every person might have different answers based on preferences. But according to me, intimacy is what makes a relationship stronger, thus it can be a necessity along with being an appendage.

To understand this better, let us say most people who like cake, like it with frosting, while some may prefer cakes without icing, but it is obvious that cakes are preferred with frosting, icing, or glaze. The same goes for the importance of sex in a marriage or a committed relationship. People have different sexual preferences based on their points of view.

There are all kinds of marriages, which may include sexual intimacy or no sexual intimacy. But nothing confirms the fact that marriage is not a marriage if there is no physical intimacy in the form of sex.

The absence of sex in a marriage may affect the marriage in the initial years of youth as physical intimacy is important for a relationship to be stronger.

Intimacy has many forms and perceptions according to different people. But the closest form and meaning refers to being close or connected to another person. Intimacy may be the adhesive for relationships or it may just be an underplay for sex or just a physical connection without the involvement of emotions. Sometimes physical intimacy may pave a path for relationships to make them stronger.

Now, there are a few people, who suffer from narcissism or display some narcissistic traits and may not prefer to build a sexual connection with their partners. So how does narcissism impact a couple’s sexual connection?

Narcissism and Sexless Marriage

Here, we will be exploring the characteristics of narcissism and how it may impact a couple’s intimacy.

Narcissists are often characterized by their boosted sense of self-importance, self-pride, and self-needs. With a narcissist, everything is just about them. They lack empathy, have a constant need for attention, and are self-centered, which may affect a couple’s sexual relationship.

Narcissists are self-absorbed. Some narcissists have a high sex drive, while some are not just interested in any form of intimacy. Such narcissists are emotionally detached and cannot care about anybody else but themselves. Such traits of a narcissistic partner may affect the intimacy of a relationship which may further lead to a sexless marriage or a sexless relationship.

A sexless marriage can be emotionally traumatic or worrisome for both partners, especially the person who is committed to a narcissist as their partner. When a partner denies sex, the other partner may be left with feelings of rejection, distress, frustration, doubts, and a sense of fulfillment.

The situation in a sexless marriage may worsen with time, as the narcissistic partner may never really care about their significant other, may always prioritize their own needs, and ignore their partner’s needs, desires, and wishes. The narcissistic traits displayed by one partner may complicate the relationship, by just prioritizing just themselves. Such traits may be responsible for developing an unhealthy relationship where all sorts of connections, physical, emotional, and psychological may be missing.

To address challenges that a partner might have to face due to narcissism and sexless marriage, they need to be extremely patient, be open and communicative about their needs, include empathy, and may also seek professional support.

There are a few ways to deal with, the “Narcissism and Sexless Marriage” issue that may start by acknowledging the presence of narcissism and its impact on the relationship. It can impact your relationship, but such steps or ways to deal with a narcissistic partner to overcome a sexless marriage.

To deal with this situation efficiently, one must seek support, information, and an open perspective. Seeking a professional always makes the situation better and detangles so many problematic aspects of life. Thus seeking professional guidance before proceeding with any harsh decisions, is most likely recommended.

Also, each person is unique and may have their own wishes and desires. Thus to address the problem of a sexless marriage involves seeking support from a professional therapist.

Including empathy in your conduct, having open and free communication, and seeking support from a professional can pave the way for emotional and psychological healing, more understanding, and remodeling of a healthy marriage that may include intimacy and a deeper connection between partners.

The Impact of Narcissistic traits on sexual intimacy in marriage

Narcissistic traits can have a significant impact on all areas of life and a relationship, especially a healthy relationship that may have intimacy. Narcissism can seriously affect sexual intimacy between partners. Here are a few most likely impacts,

An emotionally weaker bond between Partners

Intimacy is a feeling or a sense of closeness. It helps build physical, and emotional connections in a relationship that transcends into a strong, close, and vigorous bond.

Some narcissists avoid intimacy, while some crave it. If you are in a relationship with a narcissist who constantly avoids any kind of intimacy, then you might want to consider checking whether they are having those needs fulfilled with someone else! Most Narcissists need intimacy in the relationship, and hence this becomes important to check whether or not your narcissistic partner is cheating on you.

The bond between two partners may start to deteriorate when there is a lack of intimacy, thus the relationship may start to decay.

Poor Communication and Validation

Validation and effective communication can solve almost all problems that partners may face in a relationship. A Narcissistic partner may however struggle with emotional attachment with their partners.

A lack of communication can often lead to frustration, misunderstandings, and a lack of sexual satisfaction.


Narcissists get easily bored and distracted with their partners when they feel the charm and chase is over. They want their relations to be extreme, which means they want their relations to be exciting, passionate, and full of thrill all the time.

Narcissists always struggle to form meaningful connections with others, and thus they are not able to understand the gist of the word intimacy.

Narcissists only tend to be interested in such people who can provide them the best of what they desire but would never do that for anyone else. They just know how to get and not give. Due to this, narcissists have a hot and cold connection with intimacy.

Overcoming the challenges of Narcisissm and Sexless marriage

Dealing with narcissism and sexless marriage can be complicated and may require a lot more patience, commitment, and planned strategies. Here are some ways to deal with this situation,

Open and Honest Communication

Effective communication can be a solution to almost all situations and may resolve the most complicated conflicts. A non-judgemental environment, a safe sharing space, and an open mindset can help in better communication. In such an atmosphere, partners can freely express their needs, concerns, and desires regarding sexual intimacy.

Seeking Sexual Therapy

Sex therapy can play an important role in addressing the complications and challenges of a sexless marriage. A qualified sex therapist can help couples explore sexual desires, and various forms of intimacy, addressing their concerns and guiding them on how to develop intimacy with the help of various strategies and guidance that can help improve sexual satisfaction to improve the relationship on an intimate level.

Exploring Alternate Forms of Intimacy

Sexual intimacy may bring closeness between partners, yet it is not the only form of developing a close bond. Experiencing intimacy can be done through exploring other forms of intimacy like emotional intimacy, physical affection that may not involve sex, attempting and trying different activities to enhance the bond, and increasing partners’ engagement.

Intimacy may also include various aspects of a relationship like small acts of care, taking care of the emotional, physical, and psychological health of partners, building self-awareness, reflecting upon self, and lastly understanding the dynamics of a happy marriage.

Consequences of Sexless Marriage

When a narcissistic partner denies sexual intimacy, there can be various consequences of this situation on marriage and also the emotional well-being of their partners,

Low self-esteem

Decreased satisfaction from a relationship

Communication Breakdown

Increased chances of infidelity

Resentment and Frustration

Emotional Damage

Final Thoughts

A sexless marriage can be emotionally traumatic or worrisome for both partners, especially the person who is committed to a narcissist as their partner. When a partner denies sex, the other partner may be left with feelings of rejection, distress, frustration, doubts, and a sense of fulfillment.

To address challenges that a partner might have to face due to narcissism and sexless marriage, they need to be extremely patient, be open and communicative about their needs, include empathy, and may also seek professional support.

By addressing the challenges of narcissism and sexless marriage, couples can work towards building a healthy, happy, and fulfilling relationship.

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