How To Make A Narcissist Discard You And Leave You Alone?

How to make a Narcissist discard you and Leave you Alone? When you have been in a toxic relationship, getting out of it seems like an impossible task. Narcissistic relationships make you feel overwhelmed, and thus leaving becomes a tedious task. So how about the abuser (the narcissist) discards you and leaves you for good?

At times, there are situations where you find yourself going back to the toxic relationship as the toxic narcissist constantly keeps pulling you more into it. They may keep you closer to them no matter how hard you try. Even if you push them away, you may find them in your life, hoovering.

When this happens, you may feel stuck, and be perplexed as to what to do and how to get out of such a toxic relationship. The safer option here is to make the narcissist discard you and make you leave them.

This option is safer, as in this case, the narcissist has asked you to leave, so they may not be getting back to you anytime soon. This chance can serve you as a one-time gateway out of the toxic relationship without the torture of the burdensome abusive relationship.

Why is it difficult to leave a toxic narcissistic relationship?

Narcissists are manipulators and their toxicity may brainwash your thoughts and keep you pulling back to the relationship. Narcissistic relationships are like sinkholes. A person may get harmed by stepping into it. Narcissistic relationships can cause physical, emotional, and psychological damage thus causing traumatic memories for a lifetime.

Narcissist’s cycle of abuse is the most difficult loop to escape from.

Narcissistic abuse is a form of psychological and emotional manipulation used by narcissistic individuals to manipulate, control, and exploit others. It can leave a catastrophic impact on the victims of abuse leading to feelings like low self-esteem, self-worth, anxiety, and mental health issues.

Narcissists keep on repeating their manipulative cycle of abuse, and the victims either accept it or keep turning a blind eye to those traumatic events.

The Narcissistic cycle of abuse may have a similar approach to abusive relationships but with an extra touch of love bombing, insulting, devaluing, and discarding. They have altogether different perspectives when it comes to dating or loving.

Narcissists are extra with everything they do, meaning they are extra affectionate in the initial stages of the relationship, then it gradually comes down to devaluing and hurting their partners and with the final stage of discarded. Narcissists never settle or adjust they just discard their partners and move on to their next partner within no time. This is what dating a narcissist would look like.

Eventually, the victims either get completely trapped in the narcissist’s manipulative net or just cease to get into any relationships, as they feel every relationship may get troublesome. The victims either do not understand and identify that they are dating a narcissist and keep on suffering at their hands, or just acknowledge it after a long period when they might have been completely drained and brainwashed.

How to Make a Narcissist Discard You and Leave You Alone?

When you have been in a toxic relationship for a long period, you may feel you have matured and know your worth enough to save yourself from the manipulation. No amount of criticism, mental abuse, and torture can harm your self-esteem.

This is where you may check on your thoughts once again. If someone calls you foolish once, it might have a lesser impact, but when you hear the same phrase repeatedly, your subconscious mind may start believing that you may be foolish and thus develop self-doubt.

Repetitions are highly infectious and thus narcissists use the same method to invade their victims through processes. So if you leave the narcissist, they may keep coming back to you. Once they leave you there are fewer chances of them coming back to you.

Thus to make the narcissist discard you, these steps may be helpful,

Cut the Supply

A narcissistic supply is everything that helps a narcissist to make their life fulfilled. Supply makes them important like control, praise, worth, ego boost, and everything that makes them feel superior. It is one of the prime reasons for them to commit to a relationship.

The prime reason why a narcissist might still not have discarded you yet is because they still might be getting their narcissistic supply from you. Narcissistic supply is one thing that a narcissist always craves in any form positive or negative.

So if you stop giving them any attention, they will gradually and eventually lose interest in you. The best way to stop providing them with supply is by maintaining a safe distance from them. Even if they try to argue with you about this, provide them with short answers and try to avoid arguments. Leave if possible.

Tell them directly

A confrontation may hurt a narcissist’s ego and they may leave you for good. So if you tell an abusive narcissist that you wish to end the relationship, it would hurt their ego, and hurt their self-esteem. This would make sure that they would do everything to make you leave.

When you are unsure about leaving the narcissist, the narcissist will try everything to keep you in the toxic loop and not allow you to leave immediately. This would make it difficult for you to prepare yourself for leaving.

So make sure you make up your mind and make your decision firmer about leaving them. When you confront them, they might also seek revenge on you.

To avoid their revenge, you must try to make them lose their interest in you, and thus discard you.

However, if you have made up your mind to leave them, you may just leave them without getting into the process of making them discard you first. Just leave immediately and do not worry about their revenge.

Just remember that your freedom is more important than the fear of revenge.

Prepare yourself mentally

You need to be mentally strong before implementing the decision of leaving the narcissist.

For instance, if you fear abandonment, you will have this fear of being alone and losing someone even if they may be toxic. If you have this fear, you might lack the motivation to end a relationship with someone (even if that person is a narcissist) not because you love them but because you are afraid of being alone and abandoned.

A narcissistic relationship can ruin your self-esteem. They may also be able to convince you that you would not be able to find someone else even if you leave them.

So if you are unsure about leaving them and have unhinged thoughts, the first step is you try rebuilding your self-esteem. Self-esteem can be built with positive thoughts about yourself. But only having positive thoughts may not be that helpful. You need something rock solid to build your self-esteem.

Start associating with all positive thoughts and start believing in yourself firmly. For instance, if you feel negative about your skin, you may join a community, or a social group, where you can find people who can motivate you, support you, and provide positivity. You must associate yourself with activities and people who help you ensure your self-worth and make you think that you are likable the way you are.

Will a narcissist get the hint to leave you alone?

Narcissists may never have this thought that their partners might wish that they leave them as they think they are the best and nobody can be dissatisfied with them. But little do they know, they are the problematic ones in the relationship.

Some narcissists might get the hint but would never accept this decision at once. They may convince their partners to stay in the toxic relationship by gaslighting them. They might make statements like, “Oh! Do you wish to leave me? I had no idea you were serious about leaving me!”

In most cases, narcissists do not get the hint to leave their partners alone. So if you wish to leave your narcissistic partner, make sure to make a strong-headed decision that may remain unaffected even with manipulation. Draw clear boundaries, mention it again, and repeat that you are fed up with them and this might hurt their ego which may or may not result in them leaving you.

When is the best time to leave a narcissist and an abusive and toxic relationship?

There is no such thing as a right or best timing when it comes to an abusive and toxic relationship. When you are aware of the fact that you are facing their abuse and manipulation more than their love and such genuine feelings, you may decide soon.

and you have been involved in such a relationship where emotions and intimacy do not hold any importance, that is the correct time to leave your partner as it is never going to be better, and yes it may get worse with time but not any better.

Leaving your partner may come with its challenges, but the first step to anything always looks difficult, but once you take that step you may smell freedom, and healing. You may experience how your life is without your toxic partner and how good is that feeling.

Every tunnel has a bright light at the end, so just remember this and take that bold step to leave the abusive and toxic relationship.

How do you leave a narcissistic partner if you have a child together?

When one of the parent is a narcissist, then the process of divorcing or leaving them becomes difficult, especially with a child in the picture. The narcissist can be manipulative as manipulation is among their top most toxic tactic and they may use the child as a pawn to get even with you.

They would do anything to win and gain control and the upper hand in the situation if they wished to do so. Also co-parenting can be very tough to deal with.

The most important point to remember here is you are dealing with a narcissist, who might have some twisted ways when it comes to winning. So being well prepared is a must here. This also might not be or seem like a typical legal battle for custody, as the opponent here is cunning and shrewd.

If you are planning a divorce with a narcissist then the most important aspect is engaging a professional who can handle your case efficiently. Establishing a legal co-parenting strategic plan can also help. And most important part is to draw and maintain strict boundaries with the narcissist.

Final Thoughts

To get rid of the narcissist or to stop them from messing up your life can be difficult, but not impossible. Stand up for yourself and your well-being, and take the bold and tough decision of leaving them. Seek help from friends and family and do not give it a second thought.

You deserve the happiness and freedom that the narcissist might have taken away from you. Just think of your emotional, physical, and mental well-being and get out of the toxic relationship.

Ella Carrillo

Ella Carrillo

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