The Despicable Lies Of A Female Narcissist

You might have reached this article if you are also a victim of the Despicable Lies of a Female Narcissist. Rest your worries here as this is your chance to know more about female narcissists and their despicable traits.

Being played by a female narcissist might be ruinous for their victims, as they are vicious and play games beyond imagination. One such game or tactic is lying despicably and making false accusations.

You might have heard many stories regarding the female of the house destroying the family dynamics, and riving the family apart. Have you ever wondered if this female might be a narcissist or might possess some narcissistic traits?

First, let us know a few details about the narcissist in the form of traits or characteristics, further discussing more about the female narcissist and traits specified to her.

What is a Narcissist?

Narcissists are often characterized by their boosted sense of self-importance, self-pride, and self-needs. With a narcissist, everything is just about them. Narcissists thrive upon the attention, adoration, and validation that they receive from others, and what makes them distinguished from others is the way they think and the way they behave, which is totally selfish and mean.

A narcissist is an incorrigible person who is not able to acknowledge their own mistakes and considers themselves spotless and perfect. They try to be perfectionists and idealists and claim veneration. They adore only themselves and think that no one can love them more than themselves so they do not consider or even try to appreciate your feelings. They do not reciprocate your love and care. They run after materialistic pleasures rather than enjoying the company of their partner fully.

Characteristics of a Narcissist

These characteristics may vary for some individuals, but the mentioned traits can be generalized for almost all narcissists.

ManipulationManipulation is a narcissist’s go-to tactic while dealing with others in order to get what they need.

Grandiosity – Narcissists have a boosted sense of self-importance and thus showing off their achievements, talents, plus points, looks and much more becomes their regular ritual.

Lack of Accountability – Narcissists may never take responsibility for their actions even though their actions may cause distress and harm to others. They use the technique called blameshifting to distract everyone and thus ditch their wrongdoings.

Entitlement – Narcissists believe that they are made for special treatment and deserve all the privileges as they are better than others.

Envy – Narcissists easily get jealous of other people, their looks, their achievements, and much more.

Exploitative tendencies – Narcissists can exploit others without giving it a second thought and without even trying to know the consequences of their actions.

Arrogance – Narcissists are filled with arrogance and their attitude towards others says it all.

Lack of Empathy – Narcissists lack empathy thus they are unable to understand other people’s emotions. they lack a perspective that can help them understand someone else’s situation. They cannot put themselves in other people’s shoes. For them only self-importance and self sympathy matters.

An obsessive need for admiration – Narcissists constantly need reassurance from other people. They would always direct conversations toward seeking attention in the form of compliments, praise, and glorification of their worth.

Identity Issues – Many narcissists are unable to identify their toxic personalities due to little to no ego strength. Thus they are unable to reflect on their own self.

Self-absorption – Narcissists are preoccupied with themselves, and they are experts at relating everything to them. They may never consider the needs of others.

Understanding the Female Narcissist

Narcissism is a mental health disorder that affects both men and women on an equal basis. It is always believed that mostly men are narcissistic, but the truth is men and women are equally affected, it is just that female narcissists are not discussed as widely as males, and this is the sole reason why female narcissists are not focused and highlighted more often.

Although narcissism is more prevalent among males, female narcissists are not debated over. This article is about one such trait of the female narcissist, which is lying extensively and accusing their victims.

Female narcissists share almost all characteristics and traits with their male counterparts, but the point that makes them distinguished is that they may exhibit these traits or characteristics in a different way based on gender roles, societal norms, and expectations.

Some prominent traits that make the female narcissist distinguished are that,

Female narcissists have excessive self-absorption and are embarrassed of their physical appearance.

They tend to use their sexuality and sensuality to seduce their victims.

They are equally charming as a male narcissist, but they may be a little more appealing.

They use their allure and desirability to gain attention from others, especially their victims.

Female narcissists are bossy and love to control everything around them.

They might not think twice before exploiting others including their partners, children, other family members, colleagues, and even their own mothers.

They always have a sense of entitlement and expect special treatment. For instance, if you are dating a female narcissist, they might always expect their partner to surprise them, give exclusive and high-end gifts, pay bills, drive them, pamper them, be a puppet, and never question a single intention.

Female narcissists often have fragile self-esteem and may be highly sensitive and reactive to criticism. They may exude a high amount of confidence on the outside but maybe hurt easily due to low self or fragile self-esteem.

Why do Female narcissists lie so much?

Not all female narcissists might lie without flinching, but some of them do due to some factors that include,

To protect their Self-image

Female narcissists have a boosted sense of self-importance and they always have this urge to be seen as someone special and someone perfect. They always wish to have the limelight and like to be seen positively.

Thus to maintain this, they may lie to protect their self-image, hide their flaws, and insecurities, and avoid accountability.

Lack of self-awareness

Narcissists make such believable lies as they themselves lack self-awareness. This makes it easier for them to mislead and misguide others from the truth and the reality of the situation and thus hide their remorse, guilt, or wrongdoing.

Lack of Empathy

Narcissists may never be able to understand other people’s perspectives and have humility for them, as they lack empathy. Thus they can lie without thinking about how they may hurt others.

Sense of Entitlement

Narcissists have a boosted sense of entitlement and always expect others to act accordingly to fulfill the narcissist’s wishes and needs. They may also lie to seek this benefit and belittle others.

Need to gain control by manipulating others

To manipulate others, one needs to either lie and fool others or be malicious and trap innocent victims. Narcissistic females have this undefinable urge to establish their control be it in their homes, workplaces, or any such place. Thus they may resort to lies, and fabricate truthful facts to maintain their power and control.

The Despicable Lies Of A Female Narcissist

Narcissists are not even true to their own selves as they live with facades their whole lives. They do this to impress others. Their lies are not mere lies, it is a complete cycle that turns into a habit. Their life revolves around covering their lies and maintaining the grandiose image that they have pictured and presented using the web of lies.

Thus when lying becomes a habit, their lies also magnify into something different. Their lies are no more used to just defend themselves but they are used to preserve their sense of self.

Narcissists mainly lie to defend themselves in different matters but their lies may not be their values. Narcissists have a web of lies that they knit using different layers of half-truths or fabricated truths.

When it comes to narcissistic females, they use these lies to falsely accuse their victims. They do this to seek attention, assert control, punish others, and sabotage other people’s limelight, fame, and success.

The victims might feel devastated as they may suffer damage in the form of lost relationships, spoilt reputations, hardships, emotional trauma, and financial instability.

Insatiable statements that female narcissists state in the form of made-up lies that make them feel worthier and superior,

“I need special treatment, as I am entitled to it due to the best taste in everything.” – They feel entitled and it is just a feeling that they have for themselves, but in reality, they may not be special it is just their whimsical thought.

“I am adored by everyone as people love me the way I am” – In reality, people might not like their manipulative ways but they might just be adjusting to the narcissist just to avoid trouble.

“I am the best as I am the most accomplished person in what I do” – They believe that they are the best as they have this notion, but they are like the frog in the well who is small-minded and build their own limits.

Final Thoughts

It is important to note that each narcissistic female may lie according to their tendency to lie and also according to her motivations and intentions.

Not every female narcissist may lie and their manipulation technique might also differ, but their behavior is going to be deceptive and thus they might lie out of habit, not by will.

Ella Carrillo

Ella Carrillo

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