How To Make A Narcissist Jealous? (On Social Media as well as In Real Life)

How to Make a Narcissist Jealous? Jealousy is one prominent emotion that can create commotion in a narcissist’s life. So you might want to make them jealous, to watch them go crazy with jealousy when they witness something unexpected. By this time, you might also be wondering “How to Make a Narcissist Jealous?”. This article got you covered as we are discussing possible and best ways to make a narcissist jealous; both in reels and real life.

Jealousy is one of the most jutting emotional responses you can expect from a narcissist when you have everything sorted and they are still struggling, or when things do not work out for them but the situation favors you and not them, when you achieve more than them, or when you get attention and not them.

Jealousy can be harmful if left unchecked and can lead to feelings of insecurity, possessiveness, and even anger or violence. However, it can also serve as a natural and normal emotion that can help identify areas of concern in relationships and motivate individuals to make positive changes. It all depends on how one manages and reacts to their jealous feelings.

In the case of narcissists, jealousy can take serious forms which may lead to negative consequences. Narcissists may cause unforgettable harm which can sometimes be unbearable for you out of jealousy so it is advisable to make the narcissist jealous at your own risk. Think carefully, plan accordingly, and act consciously with the narcissist. It is always advisable to act attentively and carefully with the narcissist.

What would trigger a narcissist and how would that make them jealous? A narcissist is someone who needs attention, praise, boost, and appreciation all the time. They want to be the center of attraction or the elephant in the room. So when that does not happen, a narcissist is jealous.

Narcissists often tend to be competitive in many dimensions of life, and so they always need to be most prominent in whatever they do or put their hands on. They also have boosted self-confidence but do lack self-esteem as they mask their real self-respect, emotions, and personality behind the mask of perfectionist that they manifest to be.

Narcissists often lead a life under the influence of hypocrisy, which makes them double-faced. They often mirror the selves that people want to see and also live with their real selves behind that mirrored image. So when they are unable to prove themselves or bruise their self-ego, they either deflect or face a wave of uncalled emotions which include incompetence, jealousy, hatred, and abhor themselves.

Narcissists would often present their image as desired by you, they would mention all those traits that are liked by you, and they would make their image so spotless and desirable that you would be deceived by their charming fake personalities. They would often lie to you about their real selves. They would always wear a fake mirrored mask to keep you interested in them.

So when they lose what they want which mostly includes attention, praise, control, or any kind of gain, or when someone else receives them; this is when they become highly competitive, jealous mean, and fierce.

They even get jealous of their parents, siblings, romantic partners along with whoever else seems a threat to their egoistic self which believes they are the best. They can be jealous of their co-workers, exes, or anyone who seems happier than them. Jealousy is an emotion that a narcissist develops prominently in their lives; knowingly or unknowingly.

Narcissists feel jealousy is different because they showcase their jealousy by shielding it with rage. They do feel jealousy but would not admit it as that might make them vulnerable. Instead, they try to cover up jealousy in the form of rage, verbal abuse, or even mocking. They might often resort to mocking you when they feel jealous and insecure.

Before knowing “How to Make a Narcissist Jealous?” it is important to know what may trigger a narcissist’s jealousy or which situations may make them feel jealous.

How to Make a Narcissist Jealous?

Dealing with a narcissist can be exhausting and difficult. They always tend to manipulate people to gain whatever they desire, they are self-centered beings who would not care about anybody but themselves. So having a narcissist in your life may provoke your unhappy emotional side more. You would have the urge to take an act of revenge on them, either by making them jealous or doing anything to provoke them or make them feel what you have felt with them.

You may want to make them jealous because a narcissist can easily be triggered by jealousy and you may also enjoy their jealous reactions which are simply unpredictable. You may want to do this because you may think seeing them lose their cool might give you satisfaction, vengeance, or that retribution that you may be longing for because of all that manipulation, emotional damage, and mental abuse that you may have faced by being with them. So when you decide to make them jealous, you can use real-life situations or social media platforms to achieve what you desire. Let us know how to make a narcissist jealous both using social media and real-life situations.

How to Make a Narcissist Jealous? – On Social Media

One way to make a narcissist jealous is by showing off your achievements or accomplishments. Posting about your recent promotion, new relationships in life, posting happy pictures of you on a trip or a vacation, and much more. Posting such happening pictures would showcase the narcissist about how you are thriving without them and they are no more the center of your attention. This indicates that you can have fun without them too. This may also be a chance for you to reclaim your power back.

Another tactic is to make it seem like you are having a blast without them. Plan and do things that you both decided to do and also post pictures about those things on your social media accounts. This will make them quite jealous as it was a thing that you and the narcissist both decided to do but it turned out pretty well for you even without involving them. This can make them really jealous. Post pictures of you hanging out with friends, going on vacations, and having the best time of your life, especially without them.

When your social media appears to be so dynamic and thriving without their involvement, this would absolutely make them feel left out and jealous.

How to Make a Narcissist Jealous? – In real life

In real life, it is essential to set boundaries and limit your access to them. Setting boundaries, limiting your access, and keeping a safe distance from a narcissist might be helpful to you to maintain your peace in life and also make them jealous. Narcissists tend to be very demanding so the more you pull away, the more jealous they may become. Spend time with the people, avoid talking about them, and surround yourself with a positive atmosphere, supportive and joyful people and keep doing things that make you happy.

Furthermore, developing a life outside of the relationship with the narcissist can also make them envious of you as others get to access you more than them. Developing other relationships with different people will prove that their hold on you is not as strong as they thought. Keep yourself engaged with hobbies, traveling, socializing, and doing what makes you happy indeed. The more you focus on yourself, your growth and your well being the more likely it is going to make them jealous.

Why would you want to make the narcissist jealous?

When you find yourself in a situation where you may want to make the narcissist jealous. then it is important to find the whys or the reasons for which you might want to trigger their jealousness. There are no generalized reasons for doing this. It all depends on the situations, circumstances, and different motives for which you might want to get back at them either by seeking revenge through tactics like making them jealous or making them miserable or by just ignoring them by giving them the silent treatment. So if you choose to make them jealous, find out why you may want to do that.

There are perhaps a few intentions why you may want to seek revenge just to quench your thirst for revenge on them, which are mentioned below,

  • To reclaim your power in the relationship.
  • To get their attention.
  • To simply enhance your presence in their lives.
  • Simply to check their interest in you and also whether they care about you.
  • To check the magnitude of their interest in you.

Which situations can make a narcissist jealous?

Narcissists feel jealous in many situations but a few common situations are mentioned below,

  • They get jealous when their exes find new romantic partners and seem happy with them.
  • They get jealous when a co-worker receives a promotion for doing the same work as a narcissist.
  • They even get jealous of their romantic partners when they feel they have their eyes n someone else or are cheating.
  • They can be even jealous of their partners for their growth and development in both their personal and professional like.
  • They feel jealous when their sibling outperforms them in any phase of life; be it in academics, building a stable career, finding romantic partners, or outperforming them in any manner.
  • They even get jealous of their children. For instance, when their children are passing through the youth stage and are beautiful, a narcissistic mother feels jealous of their beauty and fitness.
  • When someone else receives praise and attention for the same amount of work done as a narcissist, or for similar reasons then a narcissist definitely gets super jealous.
  • When someone tries to steal their spotlight or thunder, then a narcissist gets jealous.
  • When someone known to them makes better progress, gains anything better than them, or outperforms them, then narcissists do feel jealousy prominently.
  • They can be jealous even of their neighbors, friends, and distant relatives.
  • For instance, when a neighbor buys an expensive or highly functioning car, then they feel jealous.
  • Or when a friend achieves their goals, or even when a distant relative is doing superior to them in life.
  • In short, they can be jealous in any situation, when someone else is happier, more successful, or outwits them and gains attention.

What Triggers a Narcissist’s Jealousy?

  • The feeling of insecurity makes them jealous
  • Their constant need for attention and competitiveness makes them jealous
  • Their desire to be perfect and better than everyone else makes them jealous
  • Their low self-esteem and deprivation of self-pride make them jealous
  • The constant feeling of entitlement makes them feel jealous
  • When they are compared to others they can feel jealous
  • They can be jealous of someone else’s happiness

Narcissists can be both jealous and envious of others. Narcissist gets envious when they do not get what they want and someone else achieves it or gets it. But a narcissist can be jealous out of fear when they fear losing what they have. Their defense mechanism forces them to switch over to over-protectiveness of what they have which often turns to jealousy.

Should you make a narcissist jealous purposefully?

You might think that making a narcissist jealous can avenge their wrongdoings or at least seek some justice for all the sufferings as narcissists suffer jealousy in an intensified manner. Their prominent reactions include aggression, jealousy, and malice when it comes to anything that has hurt them.

So if you had a narcissistic ex-partner, you decide to get your revenge by showing off your new partner or making them jealous by proving that you are happier with the other person than with them. This makes them all worked up more and less jealous. They might not even react the way you expect them to. They have a very strong game going and you might not be able to beat them with their own tactics as making their partners jealous is one of their most common tactics.

This action may also lead them to seek revenge or abuse you through blackmail. It would be better not to make a narcissist jealous on purpose as that might cost you your mental peace and a wild stir in your happy easy-going life.


In conclusion, making a narcissist jealous is not an easy attainment, but it can be made possible with little effort, cautiousness, and planning. The main thing to keep in mind here is that making the narcissist jealous is not your ultimate goal, rather it is a way to get back at them, gain your control back, focus on your well-being, and ultimately give them a taste of their own medicine but with a subtle and soft blow. Using the above-mentioned tactics wisely might help you set up healthy boundaries, prioritize your needs above theirs, and most importantly help you to understand your self-worth which is completely lost when you are dating a narcissist.

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