Does A Narcissist Truly Regret Losing You? (Will They Think Of You After Breakup?)

Does A Narcissist Truly Regret Losing You? A narcissist is usually known as someone who just values their own needs, emotions, feelings, and well-being over the needs and feelings of other people. So how is the scene like when a narcissist breaks up? If a narcissist has just broken up with you, you might be wondering whether or not are they regretting losing you. Or whether they are missing your presence in your life? Let us know the answers to the following questions, and relieve the stress by knowing the answers.

Narcissists are known for lacking empathy and remorse, and therefore they might not be able to acknowledge their true feelings after breaking up with their partners. Instead, they might focus all their energy on finding a new source of admiration and attention. But it is also important here to note that every individual is unique and may react in different ways. Let us know some more details regarding the topic further.

Would a narcissist miss you after you break up?

A narcissist can miss you but for different reasons and not that you might have thought.

They might miss you for the affection you had for them as everyone especially narcissists craves attention and affection. They might miss your validation for their fake, unreal, and dual personality, they might miss what you did for them, how you made them feel, and the physical intimacy. Narcissists would not actually miss you for who you are or your feelings, but they might miss you for how you made them feel special and entitled and made them your priority.

When you are in a relationship with a narcissist, you gradually realize that everything in your relationship is just about them. Even breaking up is one of the parts which is usually initialized by them as they get bored of you.

The answer to this question is dubious. On one hand, they might miss you indeed, but they would actually miss how you made them feel with your presence. Narcissist is capable of feelings and emotions, but they are so full of themselves that they do not want to understand anybody else’s emotions. They would miss how their ego was satisfied by being with you and how they used to feel good around you as you were the one they would drain energy from.

On the other hand, a narcissist would actually not miss you but they would miss their source of supply with whom they used to boost their thirst for an unquenchable ego. Narcissists would try to come back into your life from time often until they find a new supply. Supply is everything that makes them important like control, praise, worth, ego boost, and everything that makes them feel superior.

So until they find a new supply, a narcissist would miss you, try to come back into your life, and would also reconcile. As you can see a narcissist would do anything to obtain their supply, you can just stop their supply by not giving them attention. This would definitely grab their attention thus they would miss you.

Does a Narcissist truly Regret Losing You?

Dealing with a narcissist is an emotionally, mentally, and physically tiring experience. Narcissists constantly expect many things from you. They drain you emotionally by seeking constant validation, praise, and adoration from you. They drain you mentally by constantly controlling, abusing, and manipulating you, your thought processes, and all your plans and future propositions.

They drain you physically by assigning you chores, delegating their responsibilities to you and making you run errands, and consigning all work burdens to you. When a narcissist loses you, or whether you level them, it can be challenging to understand whether they genuinely regret losing you or if they are simply seeking validation from their new supply.

A narcissist is someone who has an inflated sense of self-importance and entitlement. They seek adoration and admiration from those around them and they will go to any length to maintain a sense of control over their lives. However when a narcissist loses you, or when you leave a narcissist they may realize that they have lost someone who provided them with the constant admiration and validation they crave.

Narcissists can truly regret losing you and also miss you indeed, but in reality, most of the time it is that they would actually miss and also regret how you made them feel with your presence in their life. A narcissist is capable of feeling all emotions, it is just that they do not acknowledge them and express them due to their vulnerabilities.

They fear expressing emotions can make them emotionally weak and vulnerable to their partner. They fear that once they surrender to their feelings they might lose control. So due to this insecurity of them, their partner at many times would feel ignored, unloved, and would feel left out and would also plan on leaving the relationship as they might feel unloved.

Will a Narcissist ever regret losing you?

It is important to note that narcissists have a tendency to lack empathy and remorse for their actions so it is unlikely that they will experience deep or profound regret for losing someone. Narcissists tend to prioritize their own needs and desires over those of others, so they may only regret losing someone if that person served a specific purpose or provided them with some kind of benefit.

However, it is essential to understand that a narcissist does not form relationships based on the core foundation of love and respect. Instead, they form “relationships” based on control and power. Therefore even if you were to cross paths with a narcissist after breaking up, it is highly likely that the would not feel any remorse for the way they treated you.

Furthermore, narcissists rarely take responsibility for their actions, and instead, they will blame you for the breakup. They may paint a false narrative of the relationship, making it look like you were the troublesome partner, or you caused the issues in the relationship that led to the breakup or the ultimate cause for the break up was solely and single-handedly you. Narcissists can never ever accept that something can go wrong in the relationship because of them. They view themselves as the perfect and most desirable partners that someone can ever have.

So if you are expecting the narcissist to regret losing you or feel remorse then your hopes may come down crashing as narcissists never have any shame or regret for their manipulative behavior and may not even realize or acknowledge their fault. Narcissists are experts at blame-shifting or gaslighting others for their abusive behavior.

It is also important to prioritize your own well-being and not base your worth on whether or not a narcissist regrets losing you.

Why would a narcissist not regret losing you(their partner)?

A narcissist may not regret losing you(their partner/lover/mate) because they believe that they are always right, superior, and entitled to everything they want. They tend to have an excessive sense of self-importance and lack empathy for others. Therefore having regrets or feeling emotional damage after losing their partner may be perceived as a threat to their ego and reputation, and thus they would never do or feel anything that can damage their shiny high-end image in society.

Narcissists would choose to just shun their emotions and become emotionless after breaking up and hop onto their next victim as soon as possible after their breakup, rather than accepting the feeling that they regret or are upset by losing you which may be significant. Additionally, they may blame others or blame some external factors for their loss rather than taking responsibility for their actions.

Some other reasons, why a narcissist would not regret losing you are,

Narcissists are not capable of feeling love or empathy for others

Narcissists have a personality disorder that causes them to have an inflated sense of self-importance, and they often prioritize their own needs and desires over those of others. They lack empathy and may be unable to understand or recognize the feelings of others. They also struggle to regulate their emotions in the right ways, thus making them more prone to anger, frustration, and spitefulness towards others for their manipulative behavior.

Narcissists cannot get emotionally involved in the relationship

When a person lacks empathy and love then that makes it difficult for them to make meaningful connections with others, especially in romantic relationships, where intimacy and vulnerability are required. Ultimately their lack of empathy and love prevents them from truly experiencing love or compassion for others. Their self-centeredness makes it difficult for them to truly feel empathy, love, and genuine feelings for others.

Narcissists have a limited capacity for regret

According to mental health experts, narcissists have limited capacity for regret because they lack empathy and have a grandiose sense of self-importance. They often believe they are superior to others and can justify their actions, even if they have hurt someone else. Narcissists often struggle to accept responsibilities. They often like blame shifting and always blame others for their own mistakes as they think they these perfect humans and they can never make mistakes. Lastly, their focus on maintaining their inflated self-image may prevent them from acknowledging or feeling regret for their actions.

Why would a narcissist regret losing you(their partner)?

Narcissists may regret somewhat losing you(their source of narcissistic supply) but not for the reasons that you are expecting. Narciisst does not regret that they have lost someone or some important aspect of the relationship(you/their partner) rather they would regret,

  • Firstly their sense of self-importance and superiority means that they might not be used to losing, and therefore it could be a blow to their ego when they lose their partner either by discarding them or when their partners leave them.
  • Secondly, accepting that they have lost the grip over their partner means they have lost control or power over their partner, by breaking up or discarding which is something simply unacceptable to them as they adore the power and controlling others, and losing control means losing their power.
  • The third reason is that narcissists believe that accepting the regret or accepting the feeling of loss may make them appear weak in front of others, which is a big fat threat to their carefully and minutely constructed image, which makes them appear someone who is carefree and nonchalant even if they break up.
  • Lastly, a narcissist would not regret the fact that they have lost someone significant from their life by breaking up, but rather they would regret the fact that they have lost their source of narcissistic supply.

How would a narcissist get affected by losing their you(partner) or breaking up with you?

According to psychology experts, a narcissist may get deeply affected like everyone else in general after breaking up with their partners or losing them, but their reactions or responses may widely differ from everyone else’s. Let us get to know how would a narcissist get affected by losing their partner or breaking up with them in a few points here below,

  • Their ego will be blown – Narcissists often struggle with feelings of inferiority and insecurity underneath their shiny image and grandiose exterior.
  • They will quickly move on to another supply – A narcissist may try to show off their ability to move on from the relationship quickly and find a new partner to boost their ego and self-esteem.
  • They may feel abandoned or hurt – Losing their partner, whom they have idealized and relied on for validation, can make them feel lonely. They may also engage in behaviors such as blaming their partner, projecting their insecurities onto them, or seeking attention and validation from others to cope with the loss.
  • They may try to reconcile with you(ex-partner) – A narcissist may even try to win back their ex-partner, not out of genuine affection but rather to regain the source of validation they had lost.

How to Make a Narcissist Miss You and Regret Losing You?

There are ways in which you can make a narcissist miss you and also regret losing you so let us know them,

  • Make new friends or date different people
  • Going no contact or cutting complete contact
  • Do not worry about what would a narcissist think
  • Understand that there is no remorse when dealing with a narcissist
  • Choose self-care
  • Let the narcissist know what they are missing when they are not with you
  • By not seeking a revenge


Making a narcissist regret their actions or giving them the taste of their own medicine is fine just to make yourself feel better or teach them a lesson. But going back to toxic relationships is not healthy.

When it comes to narcissists, they are unlikely to genuinely regret losing you. It is more likely that they regret losing the narcissistic supply you provided them with during the relationship. Narcissists will continue to seek validation from those around them and manipulate situations to their advantage. Ultimately, the best way to move on from a narcissistic relationship is by focusing on yourself and your well-being.

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