Why Do Narcissists Block You After They Discard You? (Do They Ever Unblock?)

Why Do Narcissists Block You After They Discard You? Narcissists often have a tendency to utilize other people’s availability and accessibility to their own benefit disregarding their feelings, their state of mind, and their desirability to be available. So when people do not fulfill their wishes and desires or become useless according to them, they discard people from their lives. And as if that is not enough to get back at such people, they might even block them in many cases.

So let us know the answer, reasons, and particularities to the question, “Why do Narcissists Block you after they Discard you?” and also know the probability of them unblocking you. Let us dig in to know more about narcissists, their dating patterns, the narcissist discard, and narcissists being the most difficult individuals, especially to their exes, as they do not give any chance to explain, and straight up block you.

What is Narcissistic Discard?

The Discard phase begins when the narcissist feels that the charm and chase are over, the excitement and lust are gone, and the purpose (whatever they have been using you for like money, physical intimacy, just to cop with their former breakup or a fresh supply) is over, and they finally can no longer use you for their gains.

This is the last and final stage where a narcissist would completely use you and when you are no longer available for them or become emotionally unavailable to them, emotionally drained, have no longer supply left, and start ignoring them; this is when they reject you and end the relationship abruptly.

The Discard phase is nothing but the time when a narcissist uses you completely until their satisfaction like their puppet, and when they no longer need you or find someone else they just discard you like something unimportant. They just end things abruptly without any firm reasons.

What are the signs of Narcissistic Discard?

  • Starts avoiding you and gives you the silent treatment
  • They would make you feel like you are unlovable and would try to establish that through many incidents
  • Cut all connections with you by blocking you
  • They would make you feel unwanted and like a hindrance in their life
  • They start Ghosting you or Gas lighting
  • Blame you for the breakup and make you the reason

Why do Narcissists Block you after they Discard you?

Narcissists are known for their erratic behavior, especially when it comes to romantic relationships. After their partners no longer serve their needs or fail to provide them with whatever they desire like narcissistic supply which specifically includes, attention, adoration, validation, approval, and availability, then they discard you by directly removing them entirely from their lives.

Narcissists have a tendency where they make decisions based on assumptions like they might discard their partners when they no longer need them and immediately move on to their next partner because they feel they are entitled to do so. Not only do they discard their partner, but they do this one confusing thing where they block their partners without even giving a hint.

They would just block their partners in order to remove them entirely from their lives, without providing even a heads-up. Their partners would just wait crazily or get worried about the reasons why they have to face such harsh consequences, or would just go on a guilt trip or would be so perplexed that they would not be able to process the blocking fairly.

Many people who have already been in a relationship with a narcissist, or are currently going through the discard phase have described the breakup scenes which all end up with the same ending statement stating or reporting about them being blocked by the narcissist on all social media platforms, phone calls, emails or just entirely impeded from the lives of the narcissist. Many of the narcissistic abuse victims also have been stating that they had been discarded without any proper reason or closure by the narcissist and just ended up entirely cut down from the narcissist’s life left without any way to contact them.

So let us know the detailed reasons for “Why do Narcissists Block you after they Discard you? Also, know the answer to the question “Would a Narcissist ever Unblock you?”

Reasons why a Narcissist might block their partners after discarding them

Narcissists sometimes just simply block you just for the pleasure to watch your efforts to go back running to them for knowing the reasons. It is just one of their toxic ways to cut down complete ties with their partners.

To spare themselves from the emotional pain of breaking up

The first thing to understand is that narcissists have a fragile ego. They feel rejected, abandoned, and ignored when they do not get the required attention, admiration, and validation. To cope with these feelings of abandonment, loneliness, and ignorance, narcissists often resort to extreme measures like blocking their ex-partners, so that they are able to protect themselves from any further emotional pain. By blocking their ex-partners, they are breaking all ties and ensuring that they will not be able to contact them. This gives them a sense of control and power over the situation.

To punish their Partners

This is another reason why narcissists block their partners is to punish them. If their ex-partner has done something that they consider to be a betrayal or a source of disrespect, blocking them is the ultimate form of revenge for the narcissist. This is also their way for them to regain some control over the relationship and make it clear that they are the ones who have the upper hand.

When something upsets them beyond the reach of words or fury, they would not use their usual technique of lashing out their narcissistic rage but instead, just block and ignore you and let you just be figuring out what went wrong until you go crazy thinking about the possible reasons. It is like one of their manipulation tactics for you to make efforts for them, convincing and begging them to give you their attention. They would treat you like you no longer matter to them and you just keep attempting vague attempts to know what is wrong.

When they have found a new source to get their narcissistic supply

Narcissists are always in search of a fresh supply and people tend to fall victim to their many charms. They may leave you when they find someone better than you or for fulfilling their magnified needs for lovemaking. To fulfill their empty and shallow life, narcissists gain attention, praise, and whatever they need to present their grandiosity of life.

So if they are getting all of these needs fulfilled by someone else in a better manner they might leave you for their new source of supply and to ensure that you do not become a hindrance to their new plan of switching partners, they would block you even without informing you. They are selfish and do not care for anything much, thus blocking would be much easy for them.

When a narcissist feels rejected(Narcissistic Injury)

When a narcissist feels that their partner is going to abandon them or leave them or they feel that their partner is slipping away from them, they would reject them first even before knowing the reason. When a person with narcissistic traits is rejected or abandoned, it can trigger a narcissistic injury. This refers to damage to their self-esteem, self-image, or sense of self-worth. Narcissists may block their ex-partner as a way to protect themselves from further emotional pain or to avoid confronting their own vulnerabilities.

To avoid taking responsibility

Narcissists often have difficulty taking responsibility for their actions or acknowledging their mistakes. Blocking someone can be a way for them to avoid any accountability or potential consequences they may face for their behavior. So when a narcissist discards their partner, they would block them to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. Nraicists just hate it when their ex lingers around them blaming them for their actions, so they would just block their ex-partners to avoid the chaos.

To gain control

Narcissists crave control and power over others. Blocking someone from their life can be a way to exert control and show dominance over them. It is also a way for them to avoid any further interactions or confrontations that may threaten their sense of control. So when a narcissist discards you they do not want you back in their life anytime soon. Thus to gain control of the after scenes of a discard, they immediately block you to avoid the emotional drama of their exes.

Due to the lack of Empathy

Narcissists often lack empathy and cannot understand or identify with other people’s feelings. Blocking someone can be a way for them to disconnect emotionally from the person they discarded and avoid any feelings of guilt or remorse. Thus they might choose ways like blocking their ex-partners from social media, phone calls, emails, or just entirely from their life.

Blocking their partner is a part of their discard cycle

Narcissists often go through a cycle of idealizing their partners and then quickly devaluing and discarding them. Blocking someone can be a way for the narcissist to complete this dating cycle and move on to their next target without looking back.

Do Narcissists ever Unblock their ex-partners?

The answer to this question is vague as it depends on the narcissist. Some narcissists might unblock and some might not. Narcissists are known for their unpredictable behavior, and unblocking you is no different. On one hand, they may unblock you if they feel like they need to reestablish control over the relationship. This could be because they want to reconnect with you, or it could be because they want to hurt you. However, it is a very unlikely, less likely, or almost impossible scenario that will happen.

On the other hand, if the narcissist has moved on and found a new supply of attention and admiration, they are less likely to unblock you. You are no longer of any importance to them, and they have no need for you in their life anymore. In this case, they will continue to block you to protect their newfound source of attention.

If you have been with a narcissist then you might be familiar with the silent treatment, the no-answers zone, the ignoring phase, or the block game when there are any issues or inconveniences and misunderstandings in the relationship. But when they feel you have got the taste of your punishment they would unblock you for getting benefits from you. This goes on frequently, they would block you and leave you to figure out the rest on your own. They like to do this and make you restless and concerned. Narcissists love to play games hence they would play the blocking-unblocking game frequently.

When a narcissist leaves or discards you, for a new source of supply, and when they find that the new source is no longer providing them what they want or they have run out of resources (here, narcissistic supply elements; Supply is everything that makes them important like control, praise, worth, ego boost, and everything that makes them feel superior) then they come to their old source of supply hence they unblock you then after blocking you for the time they want.

Blocking you is just a choice sometimes made by solely the narcissist to feel powerful and it has nothing to do with you so do not get concerned when they block you as they do this to make their life clutter-free. When a narcissist feels that so much is going on in their life, narcissist would declutter by blocking everyone so that they can think and act clearly without any hindrance to the process.


Narcissists tend to block their exes after discarding them for various reasons. It could be to protect their fragile ego, to punish their ex-partner, or to regain control over the relationship. As for unblocking, it depends on whether they feel the need to re-establish control over the relationship, or they have found a new supply and moved on. However, it is essential to remember that being blocked is the best thing that can happen to someone who was in a relationship with a narcissist. It signifies that it is time to move on and heal from the emotional trauma caused by the relationship.

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