10+ Ways to Make a Narcissist Obsessed with You (Tested)

If you are searching for ways to make a Narcissist Obsessed with You, then cease your search here, as this article would provide you with ways to grab a narcissist’s attention and make them obsessed with you. Narcissists are not your typical partners and need much more than your average efforts to be lured into a relationship.

Now you might be thinking that to get a narcissist obsessed with you, you need to be extra beautiful or attractive for that as narcissists are more concerned with the outer beauty of their partners rather than their inner beauty. Narcissists have this peculiar trait where they are fully concerned and relate to maintaining their grandiose image. So a good-looking partner may help them to seek attention from others. They can become the talk of the town, so what else can they need then?

Are looks or attractiveness enough to seek a narcissist’s attention? Attractiveness or good looks might help you to catch a narcissist’s attention to some extent, but that is not enough to make the narcissist obsessed with you. You need to make some additional efforts along with attractiveness as a bonus to your side. But do not worry, as looks fade away with time and they are temporary, what is more, important is smartness, elegance, and a good personality to make the narcissist go a long way with you.

Before knowing the ways to catch a narcissist’s eye or make them obsessed with you, let us know how an obsession may start and what can probably be the strong point that may attract them towards you. An obsession may ignite when someone does not get what they desire. Be most desirable and make the narcissist realize that. Be unapproachable, be someone that makes other people jealous, and be confident and smart, as narcissists easily get attracted to smarty pants. Just try to remember not to overdo these things, as things might go south if a narcissist feels inferior and might get an inferiority complex and avoid you completely rather than falling head over heels for you.

Tested Ways to Make a Narcissist Obsessed with You

Here are some tested ways, when you are eager to catch a narcissist’s attention and make them obsessed with you,

Do not give them attention

Narcissists always seek attention from others, so on the contrary when they do not get the attention they would be either anxious or would be impatient to get your attention toward them. Narcissists crave constant attention, adoration, and validation from you so when they do not get it from you they would be restless and find ways to seek it from you.

If you are an ex, you can try avoiding them in public when you meet them, or drop some indirect hints like unblocking them, but do not give them direct attention. This might leave them restless and make them contact you or approach you first.

Show them your worth

Narcissists love things that can enhance their grandiose image. So they love people who are worthy, valuable, or hold power and importance. This can be a way to catch a narcissist’s attention by flaunting your influence and status. But it is also true that narcissists consider themselves superior and would not see other people’s worth.

In such cases, to keep them interested in you, make influential moves that can display your worth and make them see who you are actually. Influential moves involve, flaunting your new high-profile job may be, posting pictures of you with your influential social group or anyone that might seem prominent to them, or any newly recruited talent. Narcissists would be hooked on you if they know how worthy and influential you are and also might add to their grandiose image. They would be able to flaunt you to others too.

Try to present yourself in your best possible version

Try to look your best and present your best version to them. Doing this may immediately hook the narcissist on you, as narcissists care about the appearance and beauty of a person. Narcissists are more likely to judge you by the way you look as they are more interested in a person’s exterior appearance rather than their interior or inner beauty. if you wish to impress narcissists and make them obsessed with you, then try to look your best or even better than them if possible.

Narcissists get easily attracted to someone who is well-groomed, than someone average-looking person. Always dress in the best possible way, and pay attention to your clothes. Doing this would make the narcissist more confident about you and they would like it to be seen with you. You can also approach wearing something that may make you look like a couple or clothes that are complimentary to the narcissist’s outfit.

Be a little arrogant but do not overdo it

When you hold the power to make everyone listen to you or command others then this is the style that a narcissist would be fixated on you. Narcissists like such people who are authoritative, confident, and maybe a little bossy. Narcissists lack confidence due to their low self-esteem so it is obvious that they might be naturally attracted to people full of confidence and authority.

But make sure you do not overdo your arrogance or do not boss around the narcissist, as they might consider that as a threat to their superiority and might make them rebellious or outrageous.

Keep yourself busy with your social circle, friends, and activities

Narcissists easily get jealous and overprotective of you when they find you giving your attention to people other than them. They would not like the idea of sharing you with others. So when you show them that you also have a life outside of the relationship with them, they would be compelled to know more about it and also be a part of it, thus they would end up spending more time with you. You can thus grab their attention and keep them obsessed with you and your happening life.

Narcissists would immediately be focused on you the minute they feel that you are more committed to your hobbies, friends, or your social circle and you are not providing them enough time. They would make it a mission to either involve themselves with your interests or isolate you. Either way, you would get their sole attention and thus you may grab a chance here to make them obsessed with you.

Let them chase you or rescue you

When a narcissist receives a chance to be stronger than you or somehow finer than you, they may be more intrigued by you as it may make them feel powerful and valued. Narcissists always splay it hard to get, so your making efforts to seek their attention may not be as effective as letting them rescue you or making them chase you as narcissists love competition. By competing with you they may get a chance to prove how worthy and better they are than you.

Do not readily agree with everything to what the narcissist says, try to turn them down and make them linger around you by proving how worthy and influential they have to have you as their partner. They are more likely to stick around you if they feel you are worthy and you might chase you if they feel that they have some competition where they are competing with others to get you as a partner. Narcissists are confident that they are unbeatable and no one would be able to compete against them when it comes to choosing.

Create drama

Narcissists do not like basic people, they always prefer someone who is extra as they themselves are always trying to be extra. They love it when someone tries to create drama, catch attention, try to be on the edge, or someone argumentative. Narcissists like to be around people who create drama and grab attention as they may help them to get some attention themselves.

Narcissists are more likely to pay attention to someone and also stick around when they feel that the person is unpredictable and mysterious. Try to create catastrophic situations where they do not know your next move. Notice the narcissist and even their smallest action.

Break off with them first by withdrawing attention

When you break off with them or make them seem uninteresting, then the narcissists would get anxious and curious as to what made you leave them. If you break off with them in the initial stages of the relationship that is the idealization phase or the love bombing phase of the relationship, then this action of yours might leave them perplexed seeking a way to get your attention or lure you back into the relationship.

But here it is important that you leave them in the idealization phase, as they would not care if you break off first during the devaluing phase as they already are planning to devalue you and then discard you. Make sure you break off with them while they are trying to lure you or idealize you.

Play hot and cold

Playing hot and cold means, initially giving them a hint that you are badly interested in them by laughing at their jokes, seeking interest in their likes and dislikes, paying attention to their little details, trying to be flirty, and giving them signals that any minute you might agree to date them. These are hot responses.

Once you feel that you have finally convinced the narcissist and they are now into you and enjoying the attention they are getting due to your flirty signs, immediately withdraw and start ignoring them. This will leave the narcissist wanting more of you, craving your presence, and missing your company. This can make them approach you and obsess over you in no time. This is called the cold response. This pattern of gaining attention is known as playing hot and cold.

Omit or leave out the compliments

Narcissists are people who can easily lose interest in you and get bored with you when they know that you are interested in them. They would stop making efforts to gain your attention and instead, they would start taking you for granted.

So when you skip that comment and make instead of that make a flirty comment then this might intrigue them and make them want more to be with you. Narcissists would be eager to receive a compliment from you. They might often try to compliment you in order to receive one, but make sure here to hold yourself back and not compliment them back. This would make them want to engage more with you to get compliments and praises from you as they enjoy them.

Send them mixed signals

Narcissists always want attention from everyone around them even if they are not familiar with them. They always try to create an impression of themselves over others. So in such cases, do not take their bait and also do not give out your views about them to them. Be a little secretive and do not let them predict you.

Also seem interested in your actions like making eye contact, or rubbing shoulders with them when you pass along, giving them a flirty wink or a smirk. This may intrigue the narcissist but do not provide them complete access like a smile, to comment or compliment, or anything that may look like you are approaching them. Let them approach you and then grab the opportunity to keep them interested slowly. This process may slowly turn their attraction into an obsession with you.

Impress them

Narcissists get impressed when they find someone better and more influential than them. They like it when people see them with someone highly impressive. So dress lavishly, groom yourself regularly, and try to give a push to your personality by making yourself more knowledgeable. Make your personality so magnificent and charismatic that people may get jealous of you. Narcissists love these kinds of vibes where people get jealous of you with. They would proudly keep you beside them and thus not want to lose you.

In Conclusion

First of all, make sure that you wish to attract the narcissist and not invite some sort of trouble by doing so. if you are sure about attracting a narcissist and making them obsessed, then you might choose the right kind of narcissist, who may not be a psycho or someone mentally unstable who might cause you harm and trauma.

Attract what you desire and not whatever comes along. These tips may be more helpful if you are trying to attract a narcissist to seek a relationship with them and not the other way around. Also, narcissists are not your basic people, they are extra so up your game here and work hard to keep them obsessed with you as narcissists have a really short attention span.

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