How to Make a Narcissist Fear You? (15+ Working Strategies)

How to Make a Narcissist Fear You? If you are done with tolerating the narcissists constantly bulldozing you around, then here is your chance to be the domineering ones around them.

This might seem like a grinding task from a distance or when it is just a thought and has not been executed in action. But have some faith in yourself, and get your power back by making the narcissist fear you. Now the question arises, “Will the narcissist fear you?”, let us find out further.

Will a Narcissist fear you and why?

Yes! A narcissist would be scared of you, as they have fragile self-esteem and they fear abandonment. When a narcissist feels that they are losing their group on you, it is the time, when fear seeps in and breaks their confidence. They might act all mightily, grandiose, and unaffected, but deep down every nerve in their body might be petrified by the fear of you(their partner, or anyone they have a relationship with, may also include family members, friends or anyone closely related to a narcissist).

They can be fearful of you as they might fear they might lose their control, power, and most importantly their source of the narcissistic supply if you leave them. So it is pretty simple to scare the narcissist, just make your move and gain your power back without flinching.

How to Make a Narcissist Fear You?

1. Withdraw attention

Narcissists cannot go without their narcissistic supply even for a day. They depend so much upon adoration, attention, and validation, that they would act paranoid without it. As drugs to drug addicts, so as narcissistic supply to the narcissists, they are addicted to admiration and attention. They would be all negative when someone withdraws attention from them.

The best way to piss or scare a narcissist is by withdrawing your attention and admiration from them. Start paying attention to your selves, your well-being, and your life more, and look them go petrified of the newer version of you. They would be afraid and think that you might have found someone else who would be replacing them when you withdraw attention.

2. Set firm boundaries

Another important step to make the narcissist fear you is to set up clear and firm boundaries. They fear consequences. This means being clear about what you will and will not tolerate from the narcissist. It is important to communicate these boundaries clearly, both verbally and in writing, and to stick to them consistently.

Also discuss consequences firmly, so that they would think twice before breaking the boundaries. The main step here is taking your power back by setting boundaries.

Narcissists can be demanding and take up a lot of your time and energy. Setting boundaries helps you protect your time, space, and mental health. Narcissists tend to cross boundaries frequently. Being firm and assertive about your limits and holding them accountable if they violate them is also one of the best ways to scare them.

3. Narcissists fear being exposed

Narcissistic individuals have no self-reflection and do not hold any accountability for their toxic personality. But they are surely panicky when someone tries to expose their true selves. Thus warning them about being exposed in front of others can be one of the effective tricks to make narcissists frightened. Narcissists have a constant fear of them being exposed, so they would do anything to hold up their grandiose fake image.

Narcissists constantly juggle between being a super and extra confident self and a gloomy, undermined, and highly doubted inadequate self.

Narcissists have a constant fear that they might be disliked by others or they might be repudiated by others if they do not maintain their grandiose self-image. They keep on doubting themselves due to trauma and an underlying fear of abandonment. They feel they always need to prove themselves for people to like them. Thus them being exposed is one of the greatest fears of a narcissist.

4. Reminding the narcissist that they are not immortal

Narcissists fear death. Death is the ultimate destination of one’s life journey. But narcissists tend to forget that as they are busy building their grandiose and mighty image by hook or by crook, they stop fearing anything. They think all that they developed be it their high-end image, their possessions, or their family are their endless belongings and they would never outgrow it.

Reminding narcissists about death, and making them realize that everything would be gone with their passing, would put a narcissist in a state of fright. Narcissists feel that they are immortal, and nothing can harm them, they are superior, but reminding them that their power, control, and grandiosity are just until they grow old or face death.

5. Withhold emotional reactions

“No reaction is a big reaction for a narcissist” Without providing any reaction to their toxic and unbearable behavior is a big piss-off moment for a narcissist. It proves that they no longer matter to you and thus this might create a fear in them that they no longer have control over you.

Showing no emotions is a great way to prove your point in an argument with a narcissist. Exaggerating the situation and making a fuss is a narcissistic thing. A narcissist always expects a loud and outgrowing reaction from you, so when just remaining calm would create havoc in a narcissist’s mind.

6. Make them feel that they no longer control you

When a Narcissist loses control over you, they feel more agitated. They will feel that they are losing their grip upon you and thus fear might get ingrained in their thought processes. It is always better for you to stay calm or just you should not be taking anything personally no matter what they say. A Narcissist would use all sorts of techniques and might throw tantrums when they lose control over you.

The best and most trusted move to disarm a narcissist is making them lose their control. Narcissists consider their partners to be their puppets, but when that puppet acts on their own, this will definitely create an alarming situation for the narcissist.

7. They fear taking responsibility

Narcissists hardly take responsibility for their actions. They would blame you for what they are doing. This means they would blame you for their toxic behavior. Sometimes they would accuse you of playing the victim and many more things just to figure out your thoughts about them and the relationship.

According to a narcissist, they are always innocent and never tend to take responsibility for their fault. It is always someone else’s fault. Thus they always choose to play the innocent card or the victim card. They would always accuse others. So when others try to defend themselves as they are faultless and it is the narcissist who is at fault, the narcissist would simply flip out and accuse you of playing the victim to save themselves from the defamation to save their toxic self from being exposed.

But if a narcissist is caught red-handed, and you are able to expose their toxic side, they would surely argue in this situation too. But make sure to hold them responsible for their actions at this point, and you will eventually notice a fearful expression on their case, as they might be afraid you might expose them.

8. They fear being Insulted and Offended

Nobody likes when they are insulted, yet one can take a few backlashes up to some extent as they feel secure and confident in their own skin. But that is not the case with the narcissist. Narcissists constantly have deep-rooted feelings of anxiety, low self-esteem, insecurity, and low confidence in their own self as they are always masking their true selves from people.

So being humiliated and insulted is one of the biggest fears for a narcissist. They feel if they let their guard down they might face a backlash which may ruin their grandiose image. Narcissists and criticism are polar opposites. Thus criticism in the forms of humiliation, insults, or critical comments, may really offend the narcissist.

9. Guide them into expressing Gratitude

The word “Thank You” and that too hearing it from a narcissist, is itself a sight of shock for the person hearing it and a sight of fright for the narcissist. Expressing gratitude is one of the toughest tasks for the narcissist as they feel that they are indebted to something or someone.

Making them express their gratitude might make them feel as if they have benefitted from something they never intended to do.

10. Cutt them off entirely

When you are done with the narcissist’s manipulation and abuse, this is the time you would want them to value you or at least fear you. Thus this is when you provide a threat of cutting contact with them entirely.

No Contact” means going off-reach with them be it by deleting or blocking them on social media, blocking their phone number, and even giving them the silent treatment. Just completely discarding their existence from your life is a sure way of cutting contact with them and creating havoc of fear in their head as narcissists fear abandonment or being left alone.

11. They are afraid of long-term commitments

Narcissists are afraid of commitments and lack emotional bonding. They might be making false promises or commitments, but they do not come true to them. They prefer to date many prospects, but refrain to give life-long commitments. Usual relationships with a narcissist are short termed, they get what they want and skip to other relationships without providing a proper closure or providing any reasons for the breakup.

So if you ask them to commit to a long-term relationship, then they might entirely scheme out of the relationship, or at least start avoiding the situation entirely. They would be afraid to face you, but they also wish to stay in a relationship for obtaining their narcissistic supply. Though this can be a temporary solution to make them fear the situation, and if you stretch the situation they may also snap out of the relationship.

12. Hurting their Pride

Not agreeing with a narcissist would hurt their pride and ego. They would be hurt and their ego would burn to ashes. Hurting their Pride and Ego would move them from their core, and thus would leave a deep impact on them. Humiliating them or going against them would leave them agitated. So when you decide to hurt a narcissist’s pride or ego, they would be harsh, feel agitated, and feel insulted.

13. Engage with other people more

Narcissists are clearly afraid when they find you engaging and communicating with other people more than you engage with them. Communicate with your mutual friends, keep your family members posted about your life updates, or get more involved with other people around you, and you might find the narcissist uncomfortable and a little fearful of the whole situation. They might fear losing you to others and thus may be a little dull, jealous, or worrisome when you do so.

14. Enlist other people to join your cause

When the narcissist finds that more people are supporting you instead of them they might get frightened. Try to convince your mutual friends, family members, or someone that the narcissist values, to take a stand against the narcissist and support you mutually. Also, try to direct the crowd towards you by calling out the narcissist publically. This situation will surely make the narcissist tensed and a chill might run down their spine when you accuse or confront them publically.

15. Offer your support

Normally when you offer help to people, they are more likely happy to get a helping hand and would take the whole situation positively. But, when you decide to offer help to a narcissist they would think that they are incapable of doing something and might make the situation negative by either denying you or raging out in self-doubt.

This self-doubt is nothing but simply their fear of being incapable or inefficient at something. Narcissists believe that they are perfect and have all talents to do anything and everything, so when you continuously offer to help them, this is the time when they would start feeling daunted.

16. Show strength and confidence

Narcissists always prey on people who are emotionally weak and can be easily triggered and convinced with a little manipulation. That is how they gain control over you. But when you build up your confidence by manifesting positive affirmations and start interacting with a blow of confidence, this is surely going to make a narcissist go into fright mode.

17. Ignoring them

A Narcissist is always a difficult person to deal with and it might also drain your mental peace completely. With such a person, you might want to cut ties completely or just ignore them while they appear. A Narcissistic individual can be exhausting, very tough to deal with, completely disregards your opinions and you might lose your self-confidence by being around them.

So when you start ignoring the narcissist, they would be afraid that you lost in them, or that you no longer wish to associate with them. Their fear would not be regarding losing you, but they would fear that they would lose their source of narcissistic supply.

Important Takeaway

When you are so done with the narcissist constantly manipulating you, taking advantage of you, and bringing toxicity into your life, then applying these tactics would be beneficial to you. Make them fear you, and protect yourself.

Take your power back. Remember your main motive is to gain your power back and not devalue them or try to seek revenge. This way you can have a balanced relationship in any form it may be, and you might not worry about all the toxicity seeping into your life through the narcissist anymore.

Ella Carrillo

Ella Carrillo

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