Famous Narcissistic Characters in Movies (2023 Updated)

While watching a movie, do you ever realize that the character in the movie is evil or represents narcissistic traits? You feel you can relate to that character as you might have come across someone similar in real life too. Then get ready to be flabbergasted as this article is discussing all about, “Famous Narcissistic Characters in Movies”.

Relating to narcissistic characters in movies becomes much more easier and familiar than in real life. Thus movies can help you in spotting narcissists around you. They may also bring the characteristics and traits of a narcissistic individual to the limelight and also this might also help you to deal with them efficiently.

Defining Narcissism

NPD(Narcissistic Personality Disorder) or Narcissism is portraying some common toxic traits in an intensified state than others. In psychological terms, narcissists who suffer from NPD(Narcissistic Personality Disorder) portray these emotions and traits in a greater magnitude than others. These emotions include a boosted sense of self-importance, inflated self-worth, and a constant need for admiration, adoration, and validation.

What is a Narcissist?

Narcissists are someone who is often characterized and peculiar regarding their trait of being self-absorbed. They hardly think about others. They always prioritize their own self and their needs above others. They have a high sense of self-importance, so much so that they might even ignore their own children or their own parents. They even tend to ignore their life partners too, in some cases. Thus it can be concluded, that narcissists only care for themselves, their needs and desires, and their wishes.

Characteristics of a Narcissist

Narcissists possess some traits or characteristics that make them a little hard to deal with. Some peculiar narcissistic traits include,

  • Lack of sensitivity and empathy.
  • Are self-centric.
  • Blame others for your mistakes.
  • Have unhealthy relations.
  • Arrogance and anger is your first reaction to any problems.
  • Hate changes and also cannot take them well.
  • Are emotionally unstable and unavailable.
  • Takes advantage of others easily.
  • Are abusive.
  • Lack of self-awareness and self-reflection.
  • Always expect more from others.
  • Boosted sense of self-importance.
  • Obsession with image and reputation.
  • Tendency to manipulate others mostly by gaslighting them.
  • Preoccupation with fantasies of power, success, looks, and money.

Famous Narcissistic Characters in Movies

Note –

This article does not intend to blame or claim that the fictional characters mentioned here below may be truly narcissistic personalities, these conclusions are assumption based. These undertakings are not supposed to be explicit.

The Joker (Batman)

When it comes to discussing narcissistic characters in reel life, the character, “The Joker” immediately leaves a mark being the paradigm. He is the archetype of being self-obsessed, he is full of himself, feels entitled and always behaves the way he wishes. He loves chaos, does not understand the boundaries of people and his personality and behavior always lead to destruction and upsetting lives of people around him.

The character of the Joker constantly draws attention, bagging disruption and danger. He hardly cares for anyone else’s emotions and would never take responsibility for his actions. Despite his negative personality, this character is much appreciated by viewers. In the Batman movies, the character of the Joker is displayed as a consistent tyrant adamant, and outstanding personality, thus securing the first position in the list of narcissistic characters in movies.

Patrick Bateman (American Psycho)

How can the character of Patrick Bateman be left out from the list when it is narcissistic characters that are being discussed? This character instantly pops up when you try relating it to the personality traits of an evil narcissist. Patrick Bateman is a fictional character from the movie “American Psycho“, who is a negative and disruptive protagonist who plays the villain.

He is displayed as someone who loves seeing someone in pain and also inflicting pain. The character is displayed as someone who is dominating, manipulative, hurtful, and someone who constantly lives in his own world of fantasies. The lack of empathy can clearly be seen along with disregarding the feelings of others. He is constantly blaming others, has the urge to be malicious and psychotic, and murders people. He clearly portrays the evil side of narcissism and is utilized to display fiendish pleasure. Thus the character of Patrick Bateman is a perfect example of someone narcissistic.

Darth Vadar (Star Wars)

Star Wars, one of the epic and greatly loved franchises around the world also includes a narcissistic character. Darth Vadar is one of the fictional characters of the epic space franchise; “Star Wars”. He is a prime antagonist despite being the Sith Lord. Many people have different reviews for this character, but one can conclude that the character is more on the narcissistic side. The character is displayed as being self-centric, having a huge sense of entitlement, loves power and recognition, and is hardly responsible for his mistakes.

The character shift of Darth Vadar from being the heroic Jedi Knight to being a dark and merciless Sith Lord, influenced by the dark force can clearly secure the position of this character in the list of narcissists. He can be blamed for the eradication of the Jedi Order and thus being destructive and ruinous. Despite his negative side, the character of Darth Vadar is loved by viewers due to the fact that he had still some good left in him.

Miranda Priestly (The Devil Wears Prada)

How can the character of a terrible boss go unnoticed when narcissistic characters are being listed? Yes! One of the most iconic and award-winning movies, “The Devil Wears Prada” includes an ENTJ personality type according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

ENTJ – (Extraversion-Intuition-Thinking-Judgement)

The ENTJ Personality type focuses on rational and logical things. They love respect and are born to be leaders. They love to take charge of things. They are strategic planners and love challenges in their life.

The character of Miranda Priestly is displayed as a powerful boss who loves perfection, who is cold to her employees, and who presents herself with a diva attitude in the fashion world. She feels entitled and treats others with cruelty. This character gives a major vibe of someone who is arrogant, egocentric, a control freak, selfish, and an aficionado.

Lord Voldemort (Harry Potter)

The world-famous antagonist from the Novel-Movie franchise, “Harry Potter” secures a spot on the list of fictional narcissistic characters. Lord Voldemort is the archenemy of the protagonist, Harry Potter, who attempts to kill the protagonists and makes several attempts at the same. Thus displaying an urge to kill can be summed up as a part of narcissistic traits and characteristics and that too on the evil, sociopathic and psychometric side.

Lord Voldemort represents narcissism at its peak. His behavior is devilish and destructive. He is full of himself and lacks empathy for others. He demands power, command, and control. He disregards emotions and feelings without making any effort, is heartless, and manipulates others for what he desires. His obsession with “pure bloods” leads him to abuse others and considers himself an entitled entity who would go to greater lengths to establish his authority.

Evil Queen or the Wicked Queen (Snow White)

The Wicked Queen is the main antagonist of the movie franchise, “Snow White” with many adaptations around the world. She is the Stepmother of Snow White, the protagonist. She is the perfect example of being self-obsessed. She broods over her own beauty and she is displayed as someone who is obsessed with her fairness and beauty that she can even get people killed, especially the protagonist, Snow White. She desires to be seen as someone most powerful and beautiful who conquers and rules over people.

The Evil Queen portrays a clear picture of someone with narcissism, as she is completely selfish, never cares for others, and lacks empathy. She is dangerous for others and nothing could stop her from getting what she desires. Thus she can be a perfect example to define a narcissistic character at par.

Admiral General Aladeen (The Dictator)

Admiral General Aladeen is the main villain protagonist of the film “The Dictator”. He is portrayed as a brutal and domineering dictator of the fictional Republic of Wadiya, the country he oppressed and wished the country to never be democratic. He portrays several narcissistic characteristics, like a dictatorship, authoritarianism, and suppression.

His character is known for the distinct personality traits that include self-centeredness, a malice way of handling things, to retributing approaches to handling issues. The character crosses several boundaries in the film, lacks consideration for others, demands power, and belittles everyone.

Famous Narcissistic Characters in Sitcom

Other mentionable narcissistic characters from sitcoms also include,

Michael Scott (The Office US)

The most favored character in American sitcom history is the character of Michael Scott, the witty and comical boss, who tries to grab attention. His character is not evil and dangerous, but he has an inflated self of self-importance who uses humor to belittle his employees, seeks attention, and constantly demands adoration and validation. He believes that he is the party animal and soul of the office and that he is irreplaceable. He can be seen constantly bragging about his good looks, intelligence, and worth.

He can efficiently make everything about himself, always steals the spotlight, and mocks his employees. Although this character is harmless and humourous and never wishes something genuinely bad for others, thus this character is favored by many “The Office” fans.

Joe Goldberg (YOU)

Psychopathy and Psychometry are well defined by the character of Joe Goldberg in the Netflix series, “YOU”, which is highly popular among viewers. He is a standard example of the term narcissist. He is seen harassing his victims to fulfill his own wishes. He is so fixated on achieving love that he even stalks, abuses, and manipulates people.

He is usually seen displaying anger and vexation to achieve what he wants. Thus his character is the perfect textbook example of someone displaying narcissistic characteristics and traits in its entirety.

Cersei Lannister (Game of Thrones)

Displaying some classic narcissistic characteristics, Cersei Lannister from the highly rated series “Game of Thrones” perfectly fits into the perfect example of a narcissistic ruler and entity. She is unable to empathize with the people of her kingdom and rules ruthlessly. She is manipulative, has a strong sense of entitlement, is completely deceptive, and likes to have an upper hand in every situation.

She would sacrifice the last bit of self-respect to have power and grandiosity. She would execute people who disobey her and would be an obstacle to becoming more powerful. She doe snot maintain boundaries and inflicts the same traits on her children. Thus she is a bad influence even on her children. She is a perfect example of a narcissistic parent along with being a ruthless ruler. She lacks remorse and hardly cares for others. Thus she fits perfectly in the list of narcissistic characters portrayed fictionally.

Nate Jacobs (Euphoria)

Unsympathetic, manipulative, and abusive all these words display the character of Nate Jacobs from the HBO series “Euphoria”. He uses female characters from the series to fulfill his sexual desires, get an ego boost and feel powerful. He refuses to admit to the pain that he inflicts on his female victims. He is portrayed as this rich spoiled brat who would display his power through his money, good looks, and contacts.

His lack of empathy, his habit of gaining the spotlight, and his need to be this alpha male never fades. Thus he is the best example to explain a narcissistic character to someone.

Frank Underwood (House of Cards)

Frank Underwood is the main protagonist from the Netflix series “House of Cards”. He is displayed as a ruthless, corrupt, and disruptive politician who carves his way through the seasons to become the president of the United States of America in the series.

He is a cold, cunning, sociopathic, and tyrannical political leader who would go to any lengths to achieve what he desires. His quest for vengeance and power leads him to an extravagant journey of getting the presidency by hook or by crook.

In Conclusion

The narcissistic characters discussed in the article help to understand the narcissistic characteristics and the harmful effects of narcissism not only the individual but everyone around them. These characters are not necessarily evil but somehow they all display some or the other related traits to narcism which are harmful to others around them too.

Thus hoping that this article has helped readers to relate to fictional narcissistic characters in movies and sitcoms. Relating to fictional characters seems much more easier and familiar than in real life. Thus fictional characters from movies and series can help you in spotting narcissists around you. They may also bring the characteristics and traits of a narcissistic individual to the limelight and also this might also help you to deal with them efficiently.

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