Why Narcissists Drink Alcohol? – 9 Potential Reasons

Why Narcissists Drink Alcohol? Alcoholism and narcissism are commonly linked with each other; but why? You might have come across several alcoholics who may or may not be narcissists but may display many narcissistic traits. Though not all narcissists may be alcoholics, probably a significant proportion of them are.

Even if narcissists may or may not be alcoholics, it is often observed that they usually drink more than most people. So why do narcissists consume so much alcohol?

Narcissists seem to have this typical behavior after they drink. So what goes into the reminder that makes them drink unreasonably? Here are some observations and understanding,

Why Narcissists Drink Alcohol excessively?

Here are a few possible reasons why narcissists drink alcohol excessively,

1. It helps them to become the person they aspire to be

Once a narcissist comes across someone who holds attention, is influential, and powerful they wish they could become like them. From an early age, narcissists learn to hide their true selves behind a fake facade of someone perfect and too good to be true.

They bring a facade so well that their entire personality changes. They build a strong character so that no one can discover who they are. They wish to please people and leave them awe-struck with their presence.

They wish to be perceived as confident, powerful, amusing, and charismatic, and they think alcohol would help them achieve exactly what they are lacking. Alcohol helps them curb their self-consciousness and reduce insecurities, or at least it is what they believe.

Some narcissists believe that alcohol makes them powerful, as it helps them forget about their worries, fears, and insecurities for a while. Their drinking thus continues making them addicted and dependent on alcohol to feel more powerful and as someone they wish to be perceived as.

2. They may not be as drunk as they appear

This may come as a surprise, but narcissists act and appear to be drunken but they may not be. Someone who may be drinking regularly may develop a good tolerance to alcohol, yet they act to be drunk.

Why do narcissists appear to be drunk when they are not?

Narcissists believe that they can act the way they desire when they are drunk. A drunk behavior is acceptable. They act to be immersed in the intoxicating effects of drinking and behave nasty.

But narcissists do not need to be drunk to behave badly. Narcissists may act to be more drunk as they wish to unleash the concealed level of narcissism that shouts toxicity. They may appear as someone drunk just to take advantage of the situation and abuse others.

Thus, appearing drunk gets them off the hook and gives them a free pass to behave nasty with others.

3. They do not know when to stop

Controlling their alcohol intake can be a problem for some narcissists as many of them do not know when to stop once they start drinking. Most narcissists are not very good at regulating their emotions and behavior, and this applies to their drinking habits too.

Most narcissists behave impulsively and consuming alcohol to forget their pain and misery may also be an impulsive decision in most situations. They try to live in the moment and do not think of the consequences that the future holds. they believe that they are invincible and thus they want everything they like excessively.

So at a party, they are the ones grabbing attention by acting drunk. They believe that everyone around them is enjoying their tantrums and narcissistic behavior and provides them with sympathy and thus they indulge themselves more in drinking.

4. They believe that alcohol changes them as a person

When a narcissist drinks they become a different version of themselves. They seem to change into a changed individual. This may seem unbelievable, but they become more rude, blunt, more selfish and show more signs of narcissism when they drink.

Sometimes they are at their worst behavior and sometimes they may be at their best behavior when they drink. When they are around people who may seem to give them a superiority complex, they act nasty. But with people whom they wish to impress, they may be on their best behavior.

They may seem that alcohol changes, but in reality they do not change. How?

Narcissists would never unleash the worst and nasty side that narcissism forces them to unleash as people may go away from them. Their family members might have seen their worst narcissistic behavior, but that also may be controlled. They may hold back and may never show their entire nasty self to anyone and would hesitate to do so.

They pretend to be nicer and they do it so nicely that nobody can uncover their nasty side entirely. But for how long can you act to be normal? It becomes tiresome after a while as it is difficult to pretend to be someone that you are not.

But they believe that if they drink, they can unleash more of their narcissistic side to people as people are more accepting when someone is drunk. So when they drink they may be more relaxed and less stressed about unveiling their nasty side to people.

They can always make an excuse for behaving badly and pin it down on alcohol. They believe that alcohol makes their narcissistic behavior acceptable and people may believe it was not them talking, but it was them drunk talking.

So when a narcissist believes that narcissists change them to be different person, may be true but in a different way. Drinking exposes their true selves broadly. Thus revealing their true intentions and self becomes their inhibition.

5. Coping Mechanism

Alcohol numbs the narcissist’s feelings and makes them more vulnerable to forgetting their insecurities, issues with self and people, and constant urge to fit in the world. It can also provide false self-confidence, relax the mind, and make them behave as they wish. Thus, it become one of the best coping mechanisms for them.

6. Control issues

Narcissists have an urge to control their environment, and the people around them. Consuming alcohol makes it easier for them to manipulate others, dominate them, and fulfill their desires.

7. Lack of Empathy

Even if their drunk behavior brings misery to other people, they may hardly care because narcissists do not empathize with others. They may never fully understand how they may impact others and how their behavior can cost other people their happiness and peace of mind.

8. Seeking Attention

Narcissists thrive on attention from others. They use alcohol to gain attention from people by behaving rudely. They may drink excessively to avoid taking accountability for their behavior as they believe their drunk behavior may not be counted.

9. Escaping Reality

Narcissists use alcohol to escape from their responsibilities, insecurities, feelings, emotions, and inadequacy. They believe that alcohol provides them an escape to a world where they are worry-free, boss of their feelings and thoughts, and ruler of their fantasy kingdom. People may have to follow what they say and express. Thus they believe alcohol gives them an escape from the reality of life and situations.

Why do Narcissists become Alcoholics?

Most narcissists drink because they may benefit from the situation and also because of the above-mentioned reasons. Narcissists have a sense of superiority and a grandiose sense of self that does not allow them to accept their wrongdoings.

If they admit that they are at fault, it may harm their spotless image and mark them to be less than perfect. Narcissists may blame anyone and everyone for anything and are experts in deviating the blame too.

Consumption of alcoholic drinks may start affecting the narcissists because they do not take the warning signs when friends, family, and loved ones guide them on how problematic this issue can be. Their ego is substantially high enough to listen to anyone.

They would ignore the warnings, and might as well execrate the well-wishers. Their boosted sense of self makes them think they are superior beings and they do not need advice from anyone. They think they are of utmost importance and their habits are positive, while others are inferior and jealous of them, and thus out of jealousy, they may be stopping from drinking.

Narcissists have no self-reflection, and thus to hide or cover their flaws they indulge in alcohol consumption to escape the reality of life.

They often depend on alcoholism to cover the shortcomings of their character and also their individuality. They try to conceal their narcissism by depending on alcoholism. Thus they may be interested in drinking regularly.

Alcoholism allows them to believe that they are the good person they wish to be as alcohol makes one delusional.

Ignoring all warning signs, they may indulge themselves in ceaseless drinking and alcohol consumption so much so that they become delusional and it starts affecting their health.

Thus narcissists may probably be affected by excessive drinking and thus become alcoholics.

Are Alcoholism and Narcissism linked?

Narcissism is a deep-rooted personality trait. It is a personality disorder that is a clinically proven mental health illness, which requires a diagnosis to claim someone as a narcissist.

Alcoholism is considered a substance abuse disorder, which is often referred to as an addiction. However, it may or may not require a clinical diagnosis as compared to narcissism, based on the healthcare provider.

Thus not all alcoholics are diagnosable narcissists and not all narcissists are alcoholics. Then why do these two groups have so much in common? What are the behavioral similarities between them? Let us know some similarities and differences between alcoholics and narcissists,

Denial Recognizing a need to bring in changes in their behavior; which narcissists do not and alcoholics do feel to change themslves
Deflection of Blame Display of certain behavior; which depends on the individual
Exploitation of people and situationsOwning up to their mistakes; which narcissists do not and alcoholics do
Manipulative and Arrogant
Driven by cravings

Do Narcissists show off or hide their excessive drinking habits?

Narcissists are usually proud of their drinking habits. They like the attention, chaos, and drama it may create. They may even show off their drinking capacities. When people beg them to stop, they love that too as it brings them attention.

The more vulnerable narcissist is to alcohol the more guilt and shame they can block. For the world, they may show off their bravado by emptying as many bottles as possible, but if they have a family, they may hide the fact that they drink as they do not wish their family life to be interrupted and their partner leaves them due to excessive drinking habit.

Final Thoughts

Narcissists have no self-reflection, and thus to hide or cover their flaws they indulge in alcohol consumption to escape the reality of life.

They often depend on alcoholism to cover the shortcomings of their character and also their individuality. They try to conceal their narcissism by depending on alcoholism. Thus they may be interested in drinking regularly.

Alcoholism allows them to believe that they are the good person they wish to be as alcohol makes one delusional.

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