Do Narcissists Ever Forget You Or Get Over You? (If Yes! How Quickly?)

Do Narcissists ever Forget you or get over you? The answer to this question has duality. The first possibility is where the narcissist might remember as just a memory, but the other case includes them remembering you as a bitter memory. Narcissists often hoover around their ex-partners, but do they ever forget their ex-partners, or are they really capable to get over their exes?

If you have been with a narcissist in a romantic relationship, you might be well aware of their dating cycle, where they use, abuse, and discard their partners, but do not leave them entirely. They keep them as a backup option for obtaining their narcissistic supply. So the question arises here, “Do Narcissists ever Forget you or get over you?” If Yes! than How Quickly? And If not! then Why not? Let us know this further in the article.

Narcissists are not capable of feeling or experiencing genuine emotional attachment, so they may not experience the same level of emotions and emotional attachment as their partners. They can quickly move on to other sources of validation and attention, leaving behind their past acquaintances or ex-partners without much hesitation or regret. However it is possible that they may hold onto feelings of anger or resentment towards someone they believe has wronged them, even if they have seemingly moved on.

Narcissists tend to view their former partners as objects or possessions rather than individuals with their own emotions and desires. Therefore, they may not experience the same level of emotional attachment as their partners in the relationship and may also be able to move on quickly after breaking up. Ultimately they are also humans, thus they may still experience e feelings of loss or anger if they perceive that their former partner has “betrayed” or “cheated” on them in some or the other way.

Nobody can escape emotions, but yes they may not feel them in the same intensity as others do. So a narcissist may definitely feel the loss, may be angry but would be afraid to display any emotional connection as they are afraid that showing their emotions might lessen or harm their grandiose image and they may be pursued as someone who is weak just based on their emotional display.

Whether a narcissist may be able to get over their ex-partners or not? How likely is it for them to get over their exes? This completely depends on the individual and their degree of narcissism. it also depends upon the bond that they may have had with their ex-partner. Sometimes narcissists may also have the desire to settle down with their partners, and if in between they part ways, then also it might be difficult for the narcissist to forget or get over their ex-partners.

Can Narcissists ever forget their exes or get over their exes?

According to psychology experts, many narcissists struggle to forget or get over their exes. They often have unrealistic expectations and beliefs about their exes, which makes it difficult to accept the relationship’s end. Furthermore, they may want to keep their exes as a backup option for obtaining their narcissistic supply, which may not allow them to easily move on from their exes.

Reasons Why Narcissists may not forget their exes or get over them

There are a few reasons why narcissists cannot forget their exes or get over their exes, which are as follows,

  • Need for attention – Narcissists have an insatiable need for attention and validation, and the attention and validation they received from their exes is hard to let go of.
  • Lack of Empathy – Narcissistic individuals have difficulty understanding and empathizing with others, including their exes. This can make it challenging for them to move on, as they may not understand the hurt they caused or the impact of their actions.
  • Control Issues – Narcissists often need to be in control and may struggle to accept that their ex has moved on without them. This can lead to obsessive behavior and an inability to let go.
  • Fear of Abandonment – Narcissists have an intense fear of abandonment, which can lead them to cling to their exes, even if the relationship was toxic.
  • Lack of empathy – Narcissists have difficulty understanding and empathizing with others, including their exes. This can make it difficult for them to move on, as they may not understand the hurt they caused or the impact of their actions.

Do Narcissists Ever Forget You Or Get Over You?

Most narcissists through the dating cycle, which includes the idealizations phase, devaluation phase, and then the discard phase; which makes it difficult for them to entirely forget about their exes. Narcissists and their dating cycle is a vicious cycle, and it is a loop, yet they would remember most of their exes. Narcissists usually hold resentment, grievances, and grudges, and also may take revenge especially if their partner left them. These negative feelings about their ex, make it even more challenging for them to completely forget their ex.

Narcissists are also prone to hoarding and other forms of compulsive behavior, which can result in them holding the belongings of their exes which acts as reminders for them from their past relationships for years to come. Narcissists have a difficult time letting go of anything that threatens their fragile sense of self-worth, including their exes. Dealing with a narcissistic partner or a friend can be a harrowing experience. Narcissistic individuals have a boosted sense of self-importance, excessive self-admiration, an obsessive need for validation and adoration, and lack the prime human emotions of empathy towards other people.

Being in a relationship with someone narcissistic may seem interesting and the most exciting relationships in the initial stages, as narcissists are charming and have the ability to project desirability onto others which lures their victims. But with time, the same relationship may start to seem like a trap and may suffocate you as you face the real side of the narcissist. By the final stage “The Discard Phase” of the relationship, the relationship may start appearing as one of your worst nightmares as it may leave emotional scars and can also be one of the most traumatic experiences of your life.

One of the most common questions asked by those who have experienced a relationship with a narcissist is whether or not they can forget and get over you. The answer is disputed as includes both a yes and a no, and this largely depends on the individual narcissist.

Narcissists typically have a high level of self-obsession and self-love. They have a tendency to consider themselves as someone who is superior to others. As such, they do not feel any regret or pain when they end a relationship or lose contact with someone. Narcissists are very adept at shifting blame, so they may see their partners as the ones who have wronged them or caused the relationship to fail. They may even deny the fact that the relationship ever existed or may move on with another relationship briskly. This proves that they never really cared for you in the first place.

However, this does not mean that a narcissist will never think about their ex-partner or forget them entirely. Narcissists do have feelings too, but their emotions are guided and their vulnerabilities are kept hidden. It is also possible they would not forget the relationship, especially and particularly if they think that they have been betrayed or wronged by their ex-partner. Narcissists could hold strong grudges and also believe in seeking revenge, which is why they would remember you and not let you go even after breaking up with you.

Will a Narcissist miss you once you are gone?

While dating a narcissist, you might continuously be perplexed between loving them and the rue of the adverse treatment you get from them. You might be confused about whether to stay with them or part ways with them. They would not allow you to leave, as you would be lured by their compelling actions and affirmative statements of change.

Dating a narcissist can be perplexing, as you might feel you are dating two different people at the same time because sometimes you might feel you are the love of their life because they make you feel like you are someone utterly special. While there are times you might even doubt your place in their life. They would not think twice before hurting, humiliating, and assaulting verbally. You might even feel that while dating them you understand the meaning of both love and toxic love while dating them.

Narcissists can miss you indeed, but in reality, most of the time it is that they would actually miss how you made them. feel with your presence. A narcissist is capable of feeling all emotions, it is just that they do not acknowledge them and express them due to their vulnerabilities.

They fear expressing emotions can make them emotionally weak and vulnerable to their partner. They fear that once they surrender to their feelings they might lose control. So due to this insecurity of them, their partner at many times would feel ignored, unloved, and would feel left out and would also plan on leaving the relationship as they might feel unloved.

Does a rebound relationship help a narcissist forget their ex-partner?

Narcissists are people who follow a certain pattern of dating or have an autopilot dating cycle. They are creatures of habit, so if the first attempt at a relationship does not work out with someone, they might repeat the same dating cycle with the next person too. So by this calculation, you can know for how long they would be willing to have a relationship with you.

In general, a rebound relationship might just be a temporary help for the narcissist to forget about their ex, in many cases; but it is unlikely to address the underlying issues of a narcissistic relationship and their abusive behavior.

Narcissists are kings and queens of their own world. They engage with and discard people on their wishes and desires. Once they decide to move on from you they would do so. For a while, you might be able to lure back the narcissist in your life once they decide to leave, but as soon as they find someone better than you they would not think twice before replacing you. But also they would not erase you from their lives completely. You might still be on the list of backup options for obtaining their narcissistic supply.

Why and when narcissists would not go back to their exes even if they need them?

When a narcissist does get over someone, it is usually because they might already found someone new to get into a relationship with and also this indicates that they have completely moved on from their ex-partner. Narcissists may also have found something else to focus their attention on. They can easily be impressed or attracted to shiny new things that can feed their egos and may discard their old relationships once they have found something new. They are not capable of true intimacy and attachment, so they can quickly forget about people that they once claimed to like or love.

There is no accurate prediction as to why and when a narcissist would not go back to their ex-partner, even if they needed them, as each individual’s reasons and circumstances may vary. However, a narcissist may not go back to their ex if they have found another source of narcissistic supply or if they simply do not feel the need to go back to their ex for their own personal reasons.

Narcissists have an inflated sense of entitlement which may not allow them to apologize to their partners or make any amends for their behavior because they never feel that they are wrong somewhere. This is also one of the reasons why a narcissist might not want to go back to their ex-partner because they know the fact that their exes would demand apologies in the way of changed behavior from the narcissist, which they cannot simply deal with. So they might not want to go back to their ex-partner.


Narcissists can forget about their ex-partners, but this usually depends on the type of relationship they had with them. If they were wronged or felt that their partners somehow betrayed them, they may hold onto those negative memories for a long time. However, if the relationship meant nothing to them or they have found a new source of attention, then they can move on quickly and forget the relationship altogether.

It is important to remember that narcissists lack empathy and are not capable of true attachment so they may not feel the same sense of loss or longing that many people do after a breakup. If you have been in a relationship with a narcissist, it is essential to take steps to protect yourself, such as seeking therapy, cutting off all contact, and moving forward with your life.

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